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  • Meet Tableau 10.3
    June 1, 2017 · Piper Stull-LaneProduct NewsMeet Tableau 10.3By Piper Stull-Lane Tableau 10.3 helps you analyze data from more sources with a slew of connectors (Amazon Athena, PDF, and more) and smart data prep capabilities. Plus, finding the right data for your analysis just got easier with table and join recommendations powered by machine learning. […]
  • Let’s talk advanced analytics
    April 28, 2017 · Ian CoeData LiteracyLet’s talk advanced analyticsBy Piper Stull-Lane Tableau invests in advanced analytics so that you can get to the root of your questions, no matter how complex they become. In this post, learn about Tableau’s approach to the scenarios analysts and data scientists work with every day, and get resources […]
  • Two methods for crowdsourcing data
    April 11, 2017 · Jenny RichardsData LiteracyTwo methods for crowdsourcing dataBy Piper Stull-Lane tbd Read more about Two methods for crowdsourcing data Add new comment
  • Save time and stay consistent with a template of calculated fields
    April 7, 2017 · Rody ZakovichVisualizationsSave time and stay consistent with a template of calculated fields By Martha Kang When working with Tableau, it is very common for a data analyst to write the same calculated fields over and over again for various workbooks. This repetitive task is not only time-consuming but also increases the […]
  • Tableau’s new subscription pricing
    April 6, 2017 · Dan MillerCompany NewsTableau’s new subscription pricingBy Larissa Amoroso Today we are sharing our new subscription pricing model for all of Tableau’s products. Subscriptions are a key component to helping our customers deploy and scale Tableau easier and with greater flexibility. Read more about Tableau’s new subscription pricing Add new comment
  • Iron Viz tackles geospatial data in best of the Tableau web
    March 31, 2017 · Lari McEdwardVisualizationsIron Viz tackles geospatial data in best of the Tableau webBy Marissa Michelotti It’s that time of year again! We've begun the hunt for our next Iron Viz champion. The first Feeder Contest was all about geospatial data, and our community did not disappoint. We were blown away by the […]
  • What is data gravity anyway?
    March 30, 2017 · Marshall DalyCloudWhat is data gravity anyway?By Marissa Michelotti Data gravity. It’s shifting to the cloud. But what does that actually mean? And more importantly, what does that mean for you and me? Read more about What is data gravity anyway? Add new comment
  • Shiny vs Useful: Which trends in the analytics market are business ready?
    March 29, 2017 · Josh ParenteauEnterpriseShiny vs Useful: Which trends in the analytics market are business ready?By Marissa Michelotti Analytics technology is a business must-have, but what’s practical for actual use today? Read more about Shiny vs Useful: Which trends in the analytics market are business ready? 1 comment Add new comment
  • Tableau 10.3 beta is here! Try alerts, data prep recommendations, the PDF connector, and more
    March 24, 2017 · Piper Stull-LaneProduct NewsTableau 10.3 beta is here! Try alerts, data prep recommendations, the PDF connector, and moreBy Piper Stull-Lane Tableau 10.3 beta is ready for testing, so we're giving you the inside scoop on our new features. Join the Pre-Release Program to keep up with the latest and greatest, like the […]
  • Fighting famine with mobile data
    March 23, 2017 · Steve SchwartzSocial ImpactFighting famine with mobile dataBy Steve Schwartz World Food Programmme visualizes real-time data to feed families living at the edge of a humanitarian disaster. Read more about Fighting famine with mobile data 1 comment Add new comment

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  • Why You Need a BI Strategy to Choose the Right BI Tool 22nd June 2017
    As the business intelligence and data analytics market starts to mature, the number of solutions, providers and tools has dramatically increased, making it more difficult and confusing for decision makers to select the right BI tool for their organisation. It must be kept in mind that not every solution will be suited for your organisation’s […]
  • 10 Best Practices for Cloud BI 15th June 2017
    Cloud business intelligence is no longer a new phenomenon: with a plethora of organisations now seeking to move their BI to the cloud, it is transforming into a mature platform that will continue to expand. Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report reported that 51% of their survey respondents expressed BI cloud intentions and additionally predicted that […]
  • BI User Enablement as a Strategy for Building a Data-Driven Culture 7th June 2017
    The full power of business intelligence cannot be realised by an organisation unless its users are empowered and supported to take advantage of its powerful insights. An increasing number of organisations are now seeking to build a data-driven culture to remain competitive, and to do so they demand a powerful BI solution that allows them […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Enterprise BI; Why Scalability Really Matters 25th May 2017
    Selecting an enterprise business intelligence platform without considering its ability to scale to fit your organisation’s size, direction, and needs, puts you at risk that your BI investment will become obsolete in the near furture. Enterprise BI solutions are expected to grow as businesses quickly evolve, supporting hundreds and thousands of internal and external users, […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Top 5 Insights from Gartner's Magic Quadrant 2017 19th May 2017
    As you may have already seen, Gartner released their 2017 Magic Quadrant report for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. We are happy to announce as a partner of Tableau, that Tableau has been positioned as a Leader within the Magic Quadrant for the fifth year and was also awarded the highest for Ability to Execute for […]
    Chris Dickson
  • The Tableau Gantt Chart Measures More Than Just Deadlines 13th April 2017
    Since the invention of the Gantt chart in 1910, they have become a staple within the realm of project management. They are favoured within this discipline as they excel at scheduling the most complex projects effectively, and therefore help to reduce the headache of managing deadlines. These schedules or progressions of time are usually represented […]
  • Using Pie Charts to Visualise Data with Tableau Business Intelligence 7th April 2017
    It can be said that pie charts are the most controversial form of data visualisation, yet they still remain one of the oldest and most popular charts. This classic chart, if executed well, can be the perfect example of the power of data visualisation, with its simplistic way of showing relative proportions or percentages that […]
  • Unlocking Data Insight; Bar Chart Vs Histogram 4th April 2017
    Two examples of powerful communicative visualisations are the bar chart and the histogram. Interestingly, the histogram is commonly confused for the bar chart due to their visual similarities, as they both use bars to display their data which are then plotted onto X and Y axes. The fundamental difference between these two insightful charts is […]
    Chris Dickson
  • The Power of Bubble Charts in Data Visualisation 24th March 2017
    Bubble charts are another powerful data visualisation tool that enables multiple stories to be told in one single chart. Its versatility allows a data set with two to four dimensions to be visualised and easily interpreted at a glance. Visually, they perform similar functions to that of a scatter plot, yet their design is far […]
  • A Guide to Stacked Bar Charts for Understanding Data Relationships 16th March 2017
    It can be said that the effectiveness of your data visualisations are only determined by the speed at which your audience can understand them. When best design practices are implemented, charts are highly versatile tools that can communicate insightful business information. Bar charts are acknowledged as one of the more traditional and most effective methods […]

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  • The Data School; 2 years on. 23rd June 2017
    On the 23rd of June 2015, there was a spark in Central London. And two years later, this spark is now a burning flame, which has been a roaring success. I am, of course, talking about the Data School. An idea started by Tom Brown, Craig Bloodworth and (perhaps the... The post The Data School; […]
    Ravi Mistry
  • The boss knows first: how to use tableau user calculations to allow high level users to see the latest data before everyone else 22nd June 2017
    Giving all employees access to the latest sales data is the norm in some companies. However, some managers insist on having a preview of the data before the rest of the company. One project I was working on required a period of five days where only the senior managers could... The post The boss knows […]
    Dan Watt
  • Weighting Survey Data in Alteryx 16th June 2017
    When looking at survey data, there are a number of quirks that can come up. I’m going to tackle one in this post – Imagine you’ve designed with the desire to represent a population correctly but when you first begin to look at the demographics of your respondents you identify that... The post Weighting Survey Data […]
    Ben Moss
  • Things to Watch When Replacing Data Sources 11th June 2017
    When creating workbooks that will have future iterations (i.e. not one-time, static infographics), there may come a time when you have to either refresh the data in your dashboard or replace is with another data source. In the ideal scenario, especially if you have your workbook on Tableau Server, your... The post Things to Watch […]
    Nai Louza
  • PDF Connector in Tableau 10.3 1st June 2017
    If you follow the features that Tableau will add in future versions, probably you have noticed the PDF connector that will be available in version 10.3, among a lot of new features that you can check in this website. (Note: In fact Tableau 10.3 was released some hours ago, so... The post PDF Connector in […]
    Pablo Saenz de Tejada
  • Re-drawing Borders: Using Alteryx to Map Equitable Sales Territories 30th May 2017
    Working with the Spatial Analytics toolset in Alteryx is always a great way to spend a day. After overcoming a moderate learning curve the tools and their applications become second nature, and you can find yourself really getting into a groove. Unlike other forms of analytics, the mapped outputs of... The post Re-drawing Borders: Using […]
    Ben Davis
  • Tableau Conference on Tour London 2017 26th May 2017
    It’s just 10 days to go until Tableau Conference on Tour London 2017 gets started and we couldn’t be more excited! We can’t believe it’s been a year since Tableau last took over Tobacco Dock with 1,000 data geeks, and this year looks to be even bigger. If you’re not registered for TCoT... The post Tableau Conference on […]
    Craig Bloodworth
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the Mahalanobis Distance (and how to calculate it in Alteryx) 26th May 2017
    (developed and written by Gwilym and Bethany) This blog is about something you probably did right before following the link that brought you here. You’ll have looked at a variety of different factors – who posted the link? is the title interesting? does this sound relevant to your own work?... The post Everything you ever […]
    Gwilym Lockwood
  • Introduction to matrix calculations 26th May 2017
    Many of you in the world of data will have heard of matrix calculations. Matrices are the big rectangles full of numbers that often crop up in statistical analysis techniques, and doing calculations with them doesn’t work quite the same as with normal numbers. In this blog, I’m going to... The post Introduction to matrix […]
    Bethany Fox
  • Paint your target: how to create a bullseye graph in Tableau 24th May 2017
    Ever thought of tracking whether something’s hitting the target by showing an actual target? I was looking through some old radial blogs recently, and realised you could use a scatterplot on x-y coördinates to show accuracy on a bullseye target. (to cut straight to the viz on Tableau Public, go here;... The post Paint your target: […]
    Gwilym Lockwood