04 JAN 2022

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We reviewed how to create and use geographical fields in Tableau. We talked about how Tableau sees all the CSV files in a folder, so that you can access them all easily in the same connection – to make joins, unions etc..

We then talked about gathering stakeholder requirements and specifically enabling our users to “drill down” through the data – given that it is typically a data-driven decision as to what the “next qiuestion” will be. This requires multipe approaches to drilling down and we demo’d some really easy ways:

1) Setting Up Hierarchies and using Groups to reduce the numbe of elements in the top level.

2) Using sets of the “Top X categories” within a dimension and the “Others” to provide 100% coverage within a “data driven” grouping approach.

3) How including visualisations and charts within a tool tip provides an intuitive approach to drilling down (using Viz in Tooltips).

We then also briefly talked about using additional dashboards, pre-filtered based on user selection / interaction, to also allow navigation to a differet dashboard with additional analysis to get the user closer to being able to take action. In addition to this being a Tableau Dashboard, it could also be a 3rd party application, such as a Patinetr Administration System (PAS) or a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).

Lastly, we looked at how we can export data to CSV or Excel after the user has used the visualisation to filter the view to a restricted set of data.

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