08 FEB 2022

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We ran through some questions on the Right-Click and drag (Windows) or Option Drag (Mac to get the dimension LOD picker when bringing a field into the worksheet.

We also looked at the difference between Discrete / Blue pills and Continuous / Green pills, with a focus on Date fields.

Then we ran through and demonstrated some of the easy ways that we can drill into data in order to allow our users to drill down their questions and get closer to taking action. These Included:
➡️ Using hierarchies
➡️ Including a dimension in multiple hierarchies
➡️ Using Action Filters to drill down through multiple worksheets on a dashboard
➡️ Drilling down using Viz in Tooltips
➡️ Drilling down (and filtering) to other dashboards, potentially with more detailed information
➡️ Drilling down to specific records in a third party web application, such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) or PAS (Patient Administration System)

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