11 Jan 2022

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We looked at how we can add a filter from a worksheet to a dashboard, in the case that it doesn’t automatically appear – as well as adding new filters to the dashboard that don’t already exist.

In addition we looked at how a single worksheet filter can be applied to multiple worksheets in the workbook.

I then demonstrated how requirements gathered can lead to a simple drill down approach to pulling together different types of analysis, with a view to
a) confirming with users it is what they need and
b) being able to demonstrate different capabilities that they may need BEFORE actually building them into our workbooks (ie saving us time building functionality not required and steering us in the right direction).

Lastly we looked at using the automatically generated “Count” field that returns the number of records in the underlying data table – which can be especially useful when each record has a meaning (eg “number of complaints” if each record is a complaint).

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