12 Aug 2021

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We talked about the 90 day planning process in Module 9 aimed at identifying ways to improve productivity over the coming quarter.

We looked at an Excel dashboard that uses RAG rating and talked about how we can apply some of this functionality into Tableau. One of the challenges was having a dimension with different KPI’s in it and one “value” which was made up of different units (eg absolute and %’s). Another challenge was how to apply conditional formatting. Another part of the challenge was to have a separate table that contains the targets that drive the RAG rating.

In this session we looked at analysing the patient pathway at the patient level of detail. This required us to calculate the gap between observation dates and show this on a gantt chart. The solution is to join the table to itself in order to easily do this.

We also introduced the Performance monitor that Tableau has that allows us to see the SQL that Tableau is using to query the source tables / databases.

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