14 Jul 2021

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Sharon has some financial data that includes a dimension called “Scenario” which provides her with Actual and Budget data. We walked through how to calculate variance to budget when the data is in this shape.

Then we concluded our “LOD Include” session from the previous day, looking at how and why we might want to show various calculations at different Levels of Detail in the same view / tooltip / label.

We then moved on to the common use case of Benchmarking (Customers, Patients or any dimension) and jazzed the selection of the benchmark up using parameter actions. This uses Exclude LOD’s.

The next example in todays session was for bringing an additional level of detail in for a calculation compared to the view. So for example, to show the largest customer value for each country. We then spruced this up so the user could change which level of detail can drive the calculation – eg Customer, Product, City etc..

Lastly we reviewed a requirement that Helen has, which is to look at the latest score a patient has and compare that to their previous score. This solution also uses LOD’s and is a common requirement. Sharon very kindly walked is through section as we had previously done something similar for her and it was useful practice for her.

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