16 Feb 2022

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Then we ran through some chart “variations from the standard” to provide ideas as to how we can enhance the standard charts:

⦿ Simplifying the format on a bart chart
⦿ Lollipop chart
⦿ Discrete Date bar charts
⦿ Adding gaps between groups on a discrete bar chart
⦿ Date bar charts with no gaps
⦿ Stacked Bar charts
⦿ Adding a trend line to a stacked bar chart
⦿ Adding a total to a stacked bar chart (using reference lines or dual axis)
⦿ 100% stacked bar charts
⦿ Bar bell charts
⦿ Diverging Bar charts
⦿ Diverging area charts
⦿ Area Chart with emphasis
⦿ Stacked Area Chart
⦿ 100% Stacked Area Chart

We also looked at adding extensions to dashboards and looked at one that provides a Sankey Chart very easily.

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