25 Aug 2021

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– How to change which dimensions filter a Viz in Tooltip.
– Multiple ways to use Table Calculations to get what you want. We used them as filters to remove the Null values from a Year over Year calculation in the view, but also talked about how to calculate the variance to mean, standard deviation etc.
– Using Level of Detail calculations to provide flexible (and specific) current period to date calculations and compare them to prior periods (eg YTD, QTD & MTD for this and last period).
– Reference: Jim Dehners blog “5 Ways to do YoY and YTD” – [https://jimdehner2.blogspot.com/2021/08/yoy-and-ytd-5-approaches.html?utm_source=pocket_mylist](https://jimdehner2.blogspot.com/2021/08/yoy-and-ytd-5-approaches.html?utm_source=pocket_mylist)

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