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  • Available today: Explain Data, Tableau Catalog, and Tableau Server Management Add-on
    Tableau 2019.3 brings new capabilities to help you do more with your data. With this release, we’re helping you better understand and build trust in your data. We’re making it easier to grow as a data-driven organization and operate Tableau at even greater scale. Let’s take a look at the highlights: Explain Data: A new […]
  • Best of the Tableau Web: Developing your Tableau skills
    Welcome to my August review of the best blogs and podcasts shared by the Tableau community. Sometimes people say they don’t know how to get started or that they find some content intimidating. I understand that sentiment⁠—the Iron Viz entries showcase people with very impressive skills. But you shouldn’t be intimidated; everyone entering Iron Viz […]
  • Become Certifiably Tableau at TC19
    Learning doesn't always happen in a classroom and it doesn't stop when you finish school. Getting Tableau certified is a great way to challenge yourself, showcase your skills, and distinguish you as an expert. There’s no better place to get Tableau certified than Tableau Conference, where you can carve out the time away from your […]
  • These companies used Tableau + Snowflake for flexibility and scale, a winning combination
    Earlier this summer, we caught up with a few of our customers at Snowflake Summit, Snowflake’s inaugural customer conference. At the Summit, we learned how they’re combining the scalability and flexibility of Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse with the powerful visual analytics capabilities of Tableau. From a fitness app that serves over 41 million athletes to […]
  • 3 storytelling with color tips to improve your data visualization
    A version of this post originally appeared on PlayfairData by Ryan Sleeper. For more tips and tutorials from Ryan, check out his blog. There are some fascinating parallels between storytelling and the practice of data visualization. Every story contains at least three elements: characters, plot, and narrative. The way that I equate those three aspects […]
  • Tips and tricks for filtering your data with Tableau Prep Builder
    When cleaning your data, you often filter out values you don’t need. But not all filters are created equal. You may want to exclude one value, keep a range of values, keep things that match a pattern, or filter a range of specific values. All this can be done with calculations, but writing them can […]
  • Answer your investment questions faster with Tableau
    Smart investors diversify across multiple managers, custodians, and brokers. But that diversification creates a huge challenge: Bringing data together to get a complete understanding of your portfolio. Investors seeking to understand the status of their positions must log into multiple portals, download spreadsheets, trim data, and combine them together. It’s a process that can take […]
  • Understanding how Tableau calculation types work together
    Tableau calculations can be challenging If you are struggling to understand how to use Calculations in Tableau, you are not alone. It’s one of the most challenging aspects of Tableau to explain to my MBA or MSc students, and it took me a few years to be comfortable using them, myself. After trying many different […]
  • Specialized learning at TC19 for government, financial services, healthcare, and more
    Across dozens of fields like financial services, education, government, healthcare, among others, it's likely that your company asks you to be relatively specialized in your role. Since workplaces are traditionally siloed, a few commonalities—and avenues for closer collaboration—across departments are shared processes and resources like software. Regardless of whether you're an analyst, marketing manager, accountant, […]
  • It’s always summer in the developer’s sandbox!
    During August’s Developer Sprint Demos, we introduced Sandboxed Extensions, a new type of locked-down extension that can’t send data outside of Tableau. Michael Kovner, senior product manager, brought the audience up-to-date by explaining why Sandboxed Extensions was developed. Michael noted that in 2018 Tableau released the Extensions API, allowing developers to write new, third party […]

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  • RFM Analysis with R 6th June 2019
    RFM is a customer segmentation technique for analysing customer behaviour by using their transaction history based on three main metrics:
  • Reverse Geocoding in R 17th May 2019
    Last week in this series we looked at geocoding, read about that here. This week we are looking at the opposite process - reverse geocoding. Reverse geocoding gathers information about the location using the longitude and latitude values. Sometimes this can be very precise (as in down to the house number) and other times more […]
  • Geocoding with R 10th May 2019
    Last week we had a look at (blah blah blah), this blog will be looking at gathering longitudes and latitudes using R.
  • Using R in Tableau 2nd May 2019
    Back in 2013, Tableau 8.1 was released with the ability to connect with R, a popular statistics software and then later in version 10.1 Python integration was also available. This blog series should demonstrate just a fraction of the capabilities of R integration. We will kick of this journey here with steps on how to […]
  • How does the NHS Data Academy work? 25th April 2019
    In the previous post in this series we introduced you to the NHS Data Academy and how we find people to have Maths, Computers and Software, Data Communication and Passion to become great NHS Data Analysts. If you want to read more about it, you can here.
  • Introducing the NHS Data Academy 18th April 2019
    In this series we have already seen what makes a good Health Informatician and looking at the challenge of recruiting good Health Informaticians to the NHS. At Promatix, both myself and Chris have encountered these issues first hand and we want to help.    The big conundrum we have found is how can NHS organisations find […]
  • Why the NHS struggles to recruit Health Informaticians? 11th April 2019
    This is the second blog post on NHS Health Informaticians, in the first post we looked at what makes a good Health Informatician which you can read here, in this post we are going to look at why we struggle to recruit and retain them in the NHS.
    Chris Dickson
  • Health Informatics - What makes a good Health Informatician? 4th April 2019
    Over the last 15 years I have been involved in developing and managing informatics teams for the healthcare industry in the UK. Some have required coaching, some performance managing and in a couple of unfortunate cases outright restructuring. Over this period I have developed my own definition of what makes a good and great healthcare informatician. […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 5) 15th March 2019
    In this final post of this blog series, I talk about personalising your dashboards for your audience and helping to drive your users from the start.  
    Matt C Atkins
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 4) 8th March 2019
    Due to being offline last week, I skipped a post, apologies, so let's catch up!  In the third post of this blog series, I talk briefly about a couple more things you should think about when designing and building a dashboard.  Using inspiration for your own build, and properly utilising your dashboard real estate.  
    Matt C Atkins

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  • Market Basket Analysis in, but not limited to, Alteryx 18th September 2019
    This post is a complete overview of what market basket analysis is, and how to use the MB Rules and MB Inspect tools to do market basket analysis in Alteryx. If you don’t use Alteryx, don’t worry – the theory side of things may well still be useful for you!... The post Market Basket Analysis […]
    Gwilym Lockwood
  • Donut charts and dynamic reference banding 6th September 2019
    Donut charts aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I quite like them for showing a percentage against a total which has to be 100%. Things like the percentage of tickets answered within an hour, or an industrial test pass rate as a percentage, or an on time percentage. The problem... The post Donut charts and […]
    Gwilym Lockwood
  • Removing values from quick filters using Tableau’s Order of Operations 2nd September 2019
    Sometimes you want to hide certain values from filters on your dashboards. There are a few tricks you can use to make this happen, all you need is a little knowledge of Tableau’s Order of Operations. This is the Order of Operations that Tableau uses when performs calculations, going from... The post Removing values from […]
    Nick Jastrzebski
  • So, you’ve just got access to Tableau… now what? 27th August 2019
    This is a blog post for all ‘normal’ people, who don’t naturally take to technology, who cannot write SQL and can count the number of Excel formulas you know on one hand and to whom Tableau may be a little intimidating… Tableau is a fantastically powerful tool, it is the... The post So, you’ve just […]
    Jack DCR
  • Reading and/or Writing to Snowflake from Alteryx 23rd August 2019
    Snowflake and Alteryx, making beautiful data Snowflake is a modern Data Warehouse which was designed from the ground up to leverage the cloud. As a column database, it performs fast for analytical queries and provides the scale needed for larger organisations. One of Our information Lab customers, Simon Sturges, has... The post Reading and/or Writing […]
    Paul Houghton
  • Parameter actions to filter from a landing page (without going back and forth!) 20th August 2019
    Parameter actions have been a revelation for many of us and there’s already heaps of great content out there in the Tableau community detailing use-cases. I recently found a new use-case when working with a client and thought I would share it with you here. The Use-Case We wanted to... The post Parameter actions to […]
    Tom Pilgrem
  • How to quickly scaffold a Tableau Extensions Manifest file 19th August 2019
    One of the first things you need to do when you start developing a Tableau Extension is to create a manifest file. Until now there was no quick way to quickly create this file. You had to go the the Tableau Github page and copy the contents of the sample... The post How to quickly […]
    Andre De Vries
  • Embedding Templates into Tableau Desktop 13th August 2019
    This blog was originally posted on my personal blog in 2017, however this post will contain small changes given updates to the Tableau Desktop product since the post was first published. Dashboard templates and examples can be a hugely impactful method to successfully embedding Tableau into a business. They allow... The post Embedding Templates into […]
    Ben Moss
  • NHS A&E Geospatial Data 9th August 2019
    A quick blog post containing spatial data (A&E Provider Locations, including NHS Region, LSOA and UK Ward descriptions) – Click here to jump to the download link (Tableau) As part of a bigger project, I’ve been working on A&E data from the NHS. This data is publicly available and comes... The post NHS A&E Geospatial […]
    Robbin Vernooij
  • Upgrading Tableau Server on Linux 9th August 2019
    This week, my colleague was building a dashboard and published it to one of our servers, however the server was on an older version of Tableau, so some of the features were missing. I was then swiftly challenged to try and go learn how to upgrade Tableau Server so we... The post Upgrading Tableau Server […]
    Bona Wang