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  • Five TC sessions to improve your marketing analytics
    Whether kicking off campaigns, launching new ads, or finding ways to capture more leads, you’re likely on the hunt for the next big marketing idea—or at least the next big idea to improve performance. At Tableau Conference, we had over a dozen sessions where countless insights and valuable lessons on innovative marketing analytics best practices […]
  • Better Government with Data Analytics: Analytics is a team sport
    Welcome to Part Three of our four-part blog series, Better Government with Data Analytics. In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at how adopting a thoughtful approach to data analytics leads to success. I recently reviewed a McKinsey study where they found that in organizations where senior leadership adopts the behaviors and […]
  • Tackling Nest thermostat data with Tableau Prep
    Editor's note: A version of this article was originally published on Last year, I went home from the Teknion Christmas party with a shiny, new Nest Learning Thermostat. Sure, I was excited about the potential energy savings but being the data geek I am, I was more excited about the idea that I could […]
  • Time to reevaluate how you measure the value of your analytics
    In previous posts in this series, we explored evaluating and deploying analytics for transformational value. Today, we're going to look at how to measure the impact of your analytics investment. Organizations with modern analytics and a culture that prioritizes facts are more likely to use their data to drive new revenue streams, cost savings, and […]
  • Better Government with Data Analytics: Three ways to build data literacy in your organization
    Welcome to Part Two of our four-part blog series, Better Government with Data Analytics. In the first blog, we discussed the “all hat, no cattle” analogy—a humorous reference to dashboards that do not empower decision making or drive outcomes or behavioral change. But there’s something larger going on with those insight-less analytics —something driving your […]
  • New in Tableau Prep Builder: Bulk cleaning operations and better Tableau Server Compatibility
    Happy New Year from the Tableau Prep team! Last year, we released 11 versions of Tableau Prep Builder and we’re not slowing down. We’re kickstarting 2020 with a new version of Tableau Prep Builder that streamlines cleaning operations. Now you can add cleaning operations faster by pausing data updates while adding new steps. This allows […]
  • MercadoLibre grows governed, self-service analytics with Alation and Tableau
    Powering self-service analytics at MercadoLibre MercadoLibre hosts the largest online commerce platform in Latin America with 3.3 million sellers and 267 million users. The e-commerce giant leverages Tableau and Alation to create a seamless process of data discovery and analysis with the goal of enabling all of its 7,500+ employees with self-service analytics. MercadoLibre’s journey […]
  • Improving tuberculosis detection in India with Operation ASHA and Tableau volunteers
    When I’m asked about people living with tuberculosis (TB)—specifically how people live with the disease for such long stretches of time—I often tell them the story of Hamida. For her, having TB was not just a matter of a debilitatingly-painful cough, and constant fatigue that kept her from being able to do her daily routine, […]
  • Better government with data analytics: hats, cattle, and analytics
    Welcome to Part One of our four-part blog series, Better Government with Data Analytics. In my role as the Tableau Enterprise Architect for US Public Sector, I have the good fortune to travel across the country and work closely with our largest customers in state government. I consult, coach, and promote excitement about using Tableau […]
  • Navigating New York with the “City of Women” Map
    Editor's note: A version of this post originally appeared on Nightingale, a publication by the Data Visualization Society. Cities are defined by the place, the people, and how they makes us feel. New York City is known as the “City that never sleeps,” the land of opportunity where you have to hustle to make your […]

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  • Creating UpSet Plots in Tableau 19th January 2020
    Authored by Chris Love. Feel free to chat on Twitter @chrisluv. Looking through #MakeoverMonday I noticed a couple of Venn Diagrams this week. Venn diagrams are very popular, and audiences will be familiar with them, but are difficult to build in Tableau. What is more there are some great alternatives... The post Creating UpSet Plots […]
    Chris Love
  • One-year-on Part IV: US Housing Affordability 9th January 2020
    Hi everyone, I am writing a series of blogs where I redesign my very first Tableau Public visualisations. Now that I have finished my training I am aiming to keep up this series on The Information Lab blog. Here, I recap my last redesigned viz, Population Dependency in the US, then talk about ideas for […]
    Joe Beaven
  • RegEx – Extracting the first N words 3rd January 2020
    I was recently asked by a colleague for some help with a RegEx expression for extracting the first N number of words from a block of text. In this blog, I’ll explain how to create an expression for this task & how to set it up in both Alteryx and... The post RegEx – Extracting […]
    Nick Jastrzebski
  • Tableau Tip: the INDEX trick 31st December 2019
    It is the last day of 2019 and I wanted to share something that I have found very useful in the past year. What I have in mind, is something I call 'the Index trick' (using the INDEX() function as a filter). The post Tableau Tip: the INDEX trick appeared first on The Information Lab.
    Hanna Nykowska
  • How to create a grid map using Alteryx and Tableau? 11th December 2019
    The spatial tools in Alteryx allow the user to create powerful visualisation within Tableau such as creating a grid map, this highlights distribution within certain areas in a map and make it easier to identify locations within a map. In this blog I’ll be using the squirrel data from MakeOver... The post How to create […]
    Soha Elghany
  • Chapter One Part III: Interpreting Data with Technology 28th November 2019
    We accept the data we think we deserve Given that data comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, it’s important to understand the things you can do with data. Amongst the numerous level of jargon we have to remember in our day to day lives, trying to figure out the... The post Chapter One Part […]
    Ravi Mistry
  • A Closer look at TC19 Devs On Stage 27th November 2019
    After watching the Devs on Stage keynote at TC19 I couldn’t help having a play around with some of the latest features The post A Closer look at TC19 Devs On Stage appeared first on The Information Lab.
    Craig Bloodworth
  • How to create a printable table with multiple pages 26th November 2019
    This isn’t my favourite use of Tableau by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s something that comes up now and again when doing Tableau consulting: “I’ve got a massive table, which is fine to scroll through online, but I can’t print it. How can I print out this table... The post How to create […]
    Gwilym Lockwood
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Tableau #DataDev Hackathons 19th November 2019
    The final Tableau 2019 hackathon which took place on the 12th of November at the Tableau Conference was the last session organised by the Tableau Developer team in 2019. There were a total of eight hackathons this year in six different cities. I participated in two of them – London... The post 5 Reasons Why […]
    Andre De Vries
  • Introduction to Blueprint Blogshots 13th November 2019
    In today’s keynote at Tableau’s Conference in Las Vegas, a key theme was the growth and development of analytics as a culture, including mentions of Tableau’s new strategic methodology for analytics, the Tableau Blueprint. The Tableau Blueprint is a constantly evolving methodology to help grow a data culture built around... The post Introduction to Blueprint […]
    Ravi Mistry