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  • #Data19 DataDevs hack their way to rockstar status
    Each year at Tableau Conference, we host hundreds of developers at our annual hackathon. Developers form teams and compete—not only for prizes and bragging rights—but also to spend time with our Developer Platform team to sharpen their skills and learn from our experts. This year marked the fifth year of the #DataDev hackathon, and participants […]
  • Harnessing the power of data to end obstetric fistula
    We are on a mission to end obstetric fistula. An obstetric fistula is a childbirth injury that results from prolonged, obstructed labor. Not only is this labor almost always deadly for the child, but the effects of obstetric fistula can have life-long and profoundly negative consequences for the mother. Despite proven and affordable repair surgery, […]
  • Fraud risk expert assesses data climate in government offices
    This is part one of a two-part conversation with Linda Miller, a principal at Grant Thornton, where she leads the Fraud Risk Mitigation and Analytics Practice. Miller previously served as as Assistant Director with the Forensic Audits and Investigative Service at GAO for 10 years. She led development of A Framework for Managing Fraud Risks […]
  • Iron Viz 2019 sliced and diced food data to a flavorful finish
    It wouldn't be Tableau Conference without the fiercest data competition of them all: Iron Viz. The visualization showdown took the three winners—or "the cream of the crop"—of Tableau Public, global-qualifier competitions and put them in a pressure cooker of a live vizzing event. In front of a massive live audience with thousands more watching online, […]
  • Devs on Stage dazzles: Dynamic Parameters, Noodles, and Animation are simply the best
    Meet Tyler, Manpreet, Victoria, Filippos, and Sara: this year’s Devs on Stage Every year, thousands of data rockstars come together at Tableau Conference to be among the first to get a close look at the newest Tableau capabilities. We call this convergence Devs on Stage, and it’s been a fan favorite from the beginning. Devs […]
  • Empowering a Data Culture to drive change at Tableau Conference 2019
    Changing the world with a community that's one in a million This morning in Las Vegas we kicked off our 12th annual Tableau Conference—our biggest yet, with data rockstars from all over the world! (Don’t miss out just because you can’t make it—you can watch along via Tableau Conference Live!) CEO Adam Selipsky began the […]
  • Get a taste of Iron Viz at Tableau Conference 2019
    As humans, we have several basic needs, including the need for food, but throughout human history, food has become more than a simple commodity. Food—and how it’s consumed, grown, and purchased—can be a reflection of culture, geography, and socioeconomic status, making food data both complex and irresistible. Speaking of things that are irresistible and topical, […]
  • Equipping veterans with skills to pursue careers in data
    During her last year as an active duty Sailor, Katherine (Katie) Earls knew she needed to figure out what career path she wanted to take. Still, she had no idea what opportunities existed outside the Navy, and whether she was qualified for any roles that interested her. Katie only knew two things for certain: she […]
  • Dive into details with improved table visualizations
    A table (or crosstab) is a simple and powerful viz type—it puts the data right in front of you. We see customers using tables in all sorts of scenarios, from sales or SKU performance summaries, to financial analysis and compliance use cases. To make tables even more powerful and flexible, we’ve added support for up […]
  • Extended and Premium support now available to Tableau Online customers
    In our years of helping people see and understand data, we’ve witnessed how quickly your needs are changing. We’ve heard your request for more support as you deploy Tableau in more mission-critical environments than ever before. You’ve made a big investment in Tableau and we are determined to continuously invest in your success with analytics. […]

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  • RFM Analysis with R 6th June 2019
    RFM is a customer segmentation technique for analysing customer behaviour by using their transaction history based on three main metrics:
  • Reverse Geocoding in R 17th May 2019
    Last week in this series we looked at geocoding, read about that here. This week we are looking at the opposite process - reverse geocoding. Reverse geocoding gathers information about the location using the longitude and latitude values. Sometimes this can be very precise (as in down to the house number) and other times more […]
  • Geocoding with R 10th May 2019
    Last week we had a look at (blah blah blah), this blog will be looking at gathering longitudes and latitudes using R.
  • Using R in Tableau 2nd May 2019
    Back in 2013, Tableau 8.1 was released with the ability to connect with R, a popular statistics software and then later in version 10.1 Python integration was also available. This blog series should demonstrate just a fraction of the capabilities of R integration. We will kick of this journey here with steps on how to […]
  • How does the NHS Data Academy work? 25th April 2019
    In the previous post in this series we introduced you to the NHS Data Academy and how we find people to have Maths, Computers and Software, Data Communication and Passion to become great NHS Data Analysts. If you want to read more about it, you can here.
  • Introducing the NHS Data Academy 18th April 2019
    In this series we have already seen what makes a good Health Informatician and looking at the challenge of recruiting good Health Informaticians to the NHS. At Promatix, both myself and Chris have encountered these issues first hand and we want to help.    The big conundrum we have found is how can NHS organisations find […]
  • Why the NHS struggles to recruit Health Informaticians? 11th April 2019
    This is the second blog post on NHS Health Informaticians, in the first post we looked at what makes a good Health Informatician which you can read here, in this post we are going to look at why we struggle to recruit and retain them in the NHS.
    Chris Dickson
  • Health Informatics - What makes a good Health Informatician? 4th April 2019
    Over the last 15 years I have been involved in developing and managing informatics teams for the healthcare industry in the UK. Some have required coaching, some performance managing and in a couple of unfortunate cases outright restructuring. Over this period I have developed my own definition of what makes a good and great healthcare informatician. […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 5) 15th March 2019
    In this final post of this blog series, I talk about personalising your dashboards for your audience and helping to drive your users from the start.  
    Matt C Atkins
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 4) 8th March 2019
    Due to being offline last week, I skipped a post, apologies, so let's catch up!  In the third post of this blog series, I talk briefly about a couple more things you should think about when designing and building a dashboard.  Using inspiration for your own build, and properly utilising your dashboard real estate.  
    Matt C Atkins

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Tableau #DataDev Hackathons 19th November 2019
    The final Tableau 2019 hackathon which took place on the 12th of November at the Tableau Conference was the last session organised by the Tableau Developer team in 2019. There were a total of eight hackathons this year in six different cities. I participated in two of them – London... The post 5 Reasons Why […]
    Andre De Vries
  • Introduction to Blueprint Blogshots 13th November 2019
    In today’s keynote at Tableau’s Conference in Las Vegas, a key theme was the growth and development of analytics as a culture, including mentions of Tableau’s new strategic methodology for analytics, the Tableau Blueprint. The Tableau Blueprint is a constantly evolving methodology to help grow a data culture built around... The post Introduction to Blueprint […]
    Ravi Mistry
  • Tableau HA environment, load balancer and PostgreSQL 9th November 2019
    Problem I recently come across a tableau HA (High Availability) environment where a load balancer (you might guess it already…) divides the load of tableau traffic over multiple tableau servers. We ran into an issue where we COULD connect to the PostgreSQL DB to hook up our user stats and... The post Tableau HA environment, […]
    Robbin Vernooij
  • How to build Chord Chart in Tableau with Table Calculations and LODs 7th November 2019
    Have you ever wanted to make a chord chart but didn't have access to fancy data prep tools? This blog shows you how to get it done, all in Tableau! The post How to build Chord Chart in Tableau with Table Calculations and LODs appeared first on The Information Lab.
    Hanna Nykowska
  • Better Tableau REST API Security with Personal Access Tokens 1st November 2019
    Tableau Server has an application programming interface (API) that gives you programmatically access to manage workbooks, users, data sources and many other resources on your server. With this API you can for example import a list of users from an Active Directory Group, generate thumbnails of your workbooks or delete... The post Better Tableau REST […]
    Andre De Vries
  • Project Griffon: Digging into Custom Views (ish) 31st October 2019
    With Project Griffon, we want to share examples and started with you – the Tableau Community. The objective here is to share tools which use what you have in front of you to help explain more about what’s going on. Please be sure to read the introduction to Project Griffon,... The post Project Griffon: Digging […]
    Ravi Mistry
  • How to integrate Alteryx with Slack 29th October 2019
    Many businesses and teams use Slack as their primary means of communication. Slack offers lots of options to extend the tool, you could for example integrate Twitter or have a channel where you can see all files on a Google Drive. These integrations are great because you have one central... The post How to integrate […]
    Andre De Vries
  • Off the hook! Automating Tableau with Webhooks 28th October 2019
    Tableau version 2019.4 will see the introduction of webhooks in the Tableau platform. Webhooks allow you to connect Tableau to your apps. This means that an action in Tableau Server or Online can trigger another app. In the simplest setup you could for example send an e-mail whenever a new... The post Off the hook! […]
    Andre De Vries
  • Tableau training for Salesforce users 28th October 2019
    Today, The Information Lab announces and is running the first Tableau training courses specifically aimed at Salesforce users. These new, free-of-charge, “Essentials” training sessions will aim to teach Salesforce users, admins, partners and even Salesforce employees about the basics of Tableau and how to build interactive visualisations and dashboards on... The post Tableau training for […]
    Robin Kennedy
  • Was it worth paying to attend Alteryx Inspire Europe 2019? 28th October 2019
    Short answer: Yes! I met some new faces (but not too many that I felt overwhelmed), I went to some cool talks and I got to understand a bit more about how the Information Lab works. Longer answer… I only decided to go to Inspire about 6 weeks before it... The post Was it worth […]
    Jenny Martin