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  • The Icimo transformation: Finding the reporting holy grail
    Editor's note: At Icimo, we work to create VizAbility™. Focused on training, professional services and licensing to drive the moment when our client’s business is transformed from being limited by data, to being empowered by their data. We make the Icimo Experience™ about enabling our client’s success in all aspects of discovery, governance, deployment and […]
  • Best of the Tableau Web: New variations for lines, slopes, and parameter actions
    Welcome to the Best of the Tableau Web! To keep you going for another month, here are more tips, tricks, and inspiration. Iteration of ideas is crucial to any field, and visual analytics is another. One post I want to highlight this month is “Evolution and Variation with ‘line and slope’ charts in Tableau” by […]
  • How data can close the education equity gap
    Editors note: Sasha Rabkin is the chief program officer at Equal Opportunity Schools. Jessica Paulson is the director of data services and reporting at Equal Opportunity Schools. Equal Opportunity Schools’ (EOS) mission is to close the opportunity equity gap in America by getting more students of color and low-income students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) […]
  • Usability is the most satisfying design puzzle to solve
    Editor’s note: This is the fourth post in a series about visual design with data. Read the first here, second here, and third here. Check back soon for the next! Usability isn’t always what gets designers excited. Beauty? Yes. Elegance? Yes. Grace? Yes. Having the freedom to create with an eye to those goals, and […]
  • Data visualization resources for analysts of all skill levels
    Successful dashboards serve your audience and make it easier for them to find insights—and this requires good design. So why not look to the design world for guidance? In a recent webinar, Andy Cotgreave shared ideas and theories from designers and psychologists that we can apply to data visualization. For those who want to dig […]
  • Federal Data Strategy should be a work in progress, by design
    The recently released draft Federal Data Strategy One-year Action Plan provides a roadmap to help federal agencies meet two cross-agency priorities of the President’s Management Agenda: leveraging data as a strategic asset and developing a 21st century workforce. Because the cross-agency team responsible for the Action Plan is requesting input, we reviewed the Plan with […]
  • Generation Data: Data competition opens doors for Singapore student
    Editor’s Note: This piece is part of the Generation Data series on the Tableau blog. At Tableau, we feel that data skills are essential for the next generation of professionals and business leaders. The Tableau Academic Program seeks to arm students with the valuable analytical skills needed to think strategically and make an impact, both […]
  • New in Tableau Prep Builder: Visual filtering and improved data standardization
    Preparing data for analysis often involves setting up filters, duplicating fields, or standardizing values—all error-prone tasks that often involve writing complicated calculations. In the newest release of Tableau Prep Builder (2019.2.3), we’ve simplified your workflow. A new visual filter allows you to select distinct values to filter, including ones not in your sample. Duplicating fields […]
  • How to become a Tableau Server process expert
    Have you ever wondered what actually happens in Tableau Server when a user loads a visualization? Do you wish you could correlate user activities to optimizing process configuration for Tableau Server? These are the questions that I used to ask myself constantly, so I decided to build a dashboard that can help answer them. Get […]
  • Explain Data, Tableau Catalog, and Project McKinley now in beta
    Tableau 2019.3 beta is here with tons of new capabilities for you to try out. Let’s look at the highlights: Explain Data — A new AI-powered feature to help you understand the “why” behind unexpected values in your data. Tableau Catalog — A new capability of the Data Management Add-on to ensure you are using […]

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  • RFM Analysis with R 6th June 2019
    RFM is a customer segmentation technique for analysing customer behaviour by using their transaction history based on three main metrics:
  • Reverse Geocoding in R 17th May 2019
    Last week in this series we looked at geocoding, read about that here. This week we are looking at the opposite process - reverse geocoding. Reverse geocoding gathers information about the location using the longitude and latitude values. Sometimes this can be very precise (as in down to the house number) and other times more […]
  • Geocoding with R 10th May 2019
    Last week we had a look at (blah blah blah), this blog will be looking at gathering longitudes and latitudes using R.
  • Using R in Tableau 2nd May 2019
    Back in 2013, Tableau 8.1 was released with the ability to connect with R, a popular statistics software and then later in version 10.1 Python integration was also available. This blog series should demonstrate just a fraction of the capabilities of R integration. We will kick of this journey here with steps on how to […]
  • How does the NHS Data Academy work? 25th April 2019
    In the previous post in this series we introduced you to the NHS Data Academy and how we find people to have Maths, Computers and Software, Data Communication and Passion to become great NHS Data Analysts. If you want to read more about it, you can here.
  • Introducing the NHS Data Academy 18th April 2019
    In this series we have already seen what makes a good Health Informatician and looking at the challenge of recruiting good Health Informaticians to the NHS. At Promatix, both myself and Chris have encountered these issues first hand and we want to help.    The big conundrum we have found is how can NHS organisations find […]
  • Why the NHS struggles to recruit Health Informaticians? 11th April 2019
    This is the second blog post on NHS Health Informaticians, in the first post we looked at what makes a good Health Informatician which you can read here, in this post we are going to look at why we struggle to recruit and retain them in the NHS.
    Chris Dickson
  • Health Informatics - What makes a good Health Informatician? 4th April 2019
    Over the last 15 years I have been involved in developing and managing informatics teams for the healthcare industry in the UK. Some have required coaching, some performance managing and in a couple of unfortunate cases outright restructuring. Over this period I have developed my own definition of what makes a good and great healthcare informatician. […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 5) 15th March 2019
    In this final post of this blog series, I talk about personalising your dashboards for your audience and helping to drive your users from the start.  
    Matt C Atkins
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 4) 8th March 2019
    Due to being offline last week, I skipped a post, apologies, so let's catch up!  In the third post of this blog series, I talk briefly about a couple more things you should think about when designing and building a dashboard.  Using inspiration for your own build, and properly utilising your dashboard real estate.  
    Matt C Atkins

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  • Show/Hide Tabs – why does it matter? 15th July 2019
    When you publish a workbook to Tableau server, the pop-up window you get in Tableau Desktop has a small checkbox: “Show sheets as tabs”. People don’t pay attention to it, but the decision of whether to show or hide tabs can impact the performance, permissions, actions and the rendering speed... The post Show/Hide Tabs – […]
    Iwona Wiktorowska
  • Structuring your Alteryx Server Pre and Post version 2019.2 12th July 2019
    Alteryx have recently dropped the latest version (2019.2 at the time of writing) of their software, and within it have come a series of neat additions in both Designer and Server products, but something that has gone slightly under the radar, is some new permissioning functionality now available with collections,... The post Structuring your Alteryx […]
    Ben Moss
  • Viz for Social Good Hackathon – July 12th July 2019
    The Information Lab is committed to give back to the community. We help charities and non-profit organisations make sense of data through hackathons hosted at the Data School. In this month’s #VizforSocialGood project we helped Kiron Open Higher Education. The goal was to create visualisations about education opportunities for refugees... The post Viz for Social […]
    Alexandra Hanna
  • How To – Tableau Javascript API for Dummies. Vol 3: Triggering automatic alerts. 8th July 2019
    Tableau JS API allows us to get data driven alerts. Find out how here. The post How To – Tableau Javascript API for Dummies. Vol 3: Triggering automatic alerts. appeared first on The Information Lab.
    David Sanchez Martin
  • How to: Automated Alteryx Reports 2nd July 2019
    Let's say you have data that gets regularly updated and you need to send those updates to multiple people. What you can do is build an Alteryx workflow that creates reports with the relevant data and sends it via email to selected people. Furthermore, if you have Alteryx Server, you can upload the workflow onto […]
    Hanna Nykowska
  • Adding a Guided Tutorial to your Tableau Visualisation 2nd July 2019
    My latest visualisation, London Neighbourhoods, included some unique features I’ve not seen used in visualisations in Tableau before. These are possible due to some of the features in Tableau 2019.2: Parameter Actions and Hidden Containers. I talk you through how to achieve a similar effect in this post. About the... The post Adding a Guided […]
    Chris Love
  • Monitoring ‘Publicly’ shared content on your Alteryx Server 19th June 2019
    One aspect of the Alteryx Server product that customers can find extremely useful is the public gallery; at The Information Lab we use this area to host Alteryx Applications which allow any non-technical business users (i.e. our sales team ;)) leverage the power of Alteryx, without necessarily having to understand... The post Monitoring ‘Publicly’ shared […]
    Ben Moss
  • Connecting to your Alteryx Server MongoDB 19th June 2019
    I was recently writing another blog post, and within that I wanted to link to a good blog which outlined, in the simplest way, how to connect Alteryx, to the MongoDB that sits beneath Alteryx Server, but I just couldn’t find one, so here we go! In this post I... The post Connecting to your […]
    Ben Moss
  • Tableau Blueprint: A Beginner’s Guide 18th June 2019
    Tableau launched their new step-by-step guide to becoming a data-driven organisation this week during Tableau Conference Europe. So what is Blueprint and how can it help your Tableau adoption? Whether your organisation is brand new to Tableau, or been using it for years, you’re probably still on the journey to... The post Tableau Blueprint: A […]
    Emma Whyte
  • How to highlight viz-in-tooltips in Tableau 2019.2 14th June 2019
    I recently discovered that you can use parameter actions to highlight (rather than filter) viz in tooltips. It’s pretty straightforward to set up, and it means you can add a nice bit of extra context to your graphs. You can follow along with the example I use here by going... The post How to highlight […]
    Gwilym Lockwood