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  • Gartner BI Bake Off: Exploring data for insight on global loneliness
    This weekend at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit in Orlando, Florida, we were excited to participate once again in the BI Bake Off. Our Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat demonstrated Tableau’s capabilities across a range of categories from data preparation to dashboarding and storytelling—even giving the audience a sneak peak at some “cool innovation” […]
  • How to build a trust infrastructure between your data team and your audiences
    Jason Forrest is a user experience designer at McKinsey & Company, working in people analytics. A version of this post originally appeared on Medium. While everyone loves data, it can be perceived by many as something ‘technical’ (if not outright scary) and at the very least, as something a bit ‘magical.’ While some data specialists […]
  • Couch to Iron Viz: Prepare for the ultimate data viz competition with this training guide
    It’s that time of year again. We’re gearing up for Iron Viz and it’s time to start sharpening your skills for the ultimate data showdown. For those who don’t know, Iron Viz is a data visualization competition comprised of a series of qualifier contests—each with a different open theme. The winners advance to a final, […]
  • Why is NLP so hot? Deriving value from data through natural language
    A version of this article originally appeared in ITProPortal. Becoming data-driven is the new mantra in business. The consensus is that the most value can be achieved by getting the data in the hands of decision makers. However, this is only true if these data consumers know how to handle data. Getting managers to think […]
  • Take your mobile dashboards to the next level with these new features
    These days, our mobile devices are an extension of both our personal and professional lives. Whether you’re an author or a consumer, we believe that you should have a delightful experience with your dashboards, regardless of the device you use. We recently released the redesigned Tableau Mobile app, with loads of improvements including a new […]
  • Now in beta: Vector maps, parameter actions, and new Ask Data functionality
    The newest version of Tableau (2019.2) is now in beta! We’re revving up the way you interact and tell stories with your data. Here’s a quick overview of the highlights: Vector maps—Across the Tableau platform, enjoy a smoother and sharper maps experience, as well as new map styles and layers right out of the box. […]
  • Looking ahead: Updates to Tableau Server operating system requirements
    To make Tableau Server even more scalable, performant and secure, we’re taking advantage of new operating system level containerization technologies. Starting with the first release of 2021, Tableau Server will require Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, or Linux. With this change, we will end support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 […]
  • Visualize inspiration: Tableau women shine bright
    In recognition of International Women’s Day, we asked a few of our female colleagues to share their perspectives on career and life at Tableau. By any measure, these women are the definition of success and as women in technology, their accomplishments are even more impressive. According to Statista, in 2018 only 26 to 43 percent […]
  • Introducing Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse connector
    With more than 65 native connectors, Tableau is always working to bring data closer to our customers, which is why we are excited to announce that we’ve added a direct connection to Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse in Tableau 2019.1. Customers love Tableau’s partnership with Microsoft, as evidenced by Microsoft SQL Server being Tableau’s most […]
  • New in Tableau Prep Builder: Leverage your database relationships to create joins
    Data prep can be difficult and time-consuming. Tableau set out on a mission to make data prep easier and more efficient for more people. In the March 2019 release, we are staying true to this guiding principle and delivering new smart and time-saving capabilities. Now you can take advantage of the great work that your […]

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  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 5) 15th March 2019
    In this final post of this blog series, I talk about personalising your dashboards for your audience and helping to drive your users from the start.  
    Matt C Atkins
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 4) 8th March 2019
    Due to being offline last week, I skipped a post, apologies, so let's catch up!  In the third post of this blog series, I talk briefly about a couple more things you should think about when designing and building a dashboard.  Using inspiration for your own build, and properly utilising your dashboard real estate.  
    Matt C Atkins
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 3) 28th February 2019
    Due to being offline last week, I skipped a post, apologies, so let's catch up!  In the third post of this blog series, I talk briefly about a couple more things you should think about when designing and building a dashboard.  Using inspiration for your own build, and properly utilising your dashboard real estate.  
    Matt C Atkins
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts (Part 2) 15th February 2019
    In the second post of this blog series, I give you two more elements you should consider when developing a dashboard.  Mobile delivery and focusing your audience via guided analysis.   
    Matt C Atkins
  • Tableau Dashboards - The Do's and Don'ts 8th February 2019
    In this blog series, I will take you through some of the important things you should consider doing when developing a dashboard, and those that you should not.
    Matt C Atkins
  • Six Sigma Western Electric & Nelson Rules on Control Charts in Tableau 31st January 2019
    In this series about Control Charts in Tableau, we have learnt the basics about creating them, understood the extra calculations to identify a single outlier and parameterise the control limit calculations and learnt about an alternative type of control chart (P-Chart).   In this blog post we are going a step further than identifying a single […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Advanced Control Chart - P-Control Chart 26th January 2019
    The first two posts in this series looked at the basics of creating control charts in Tableau and how to do some straight forward outlier detection, this week we are ramping up the maths a bit!   I was introduced to control charts about 15 years ago working in the NHS looking for variation in […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Pimp your Tableau Control Charts 17th January 2019
    If you are here it is because you either already know how to create a Control Chart in Tableau or have followed from my previous blog on that subject and now want to find out how to take your Control Chart to the next level.   In this post I will show you how to use […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Process Control Charts in Tableau 10th January 2019
    One of the major subsets of analysis (or drivers for analysis) is "Is this normal behaviour?", and one of the most common chart types to address this question is the Control Chart. In short it plots a measure over time and compares this to an upper and lower "Control Limit" giving you confidence that a […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Promatix | Tableau Web Data Connectors 17th October 2018
    A few months ago, I had an attempt at developing a Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC). A Tableau WDC is a way of connecting to a web data source if there is no existing connection available in Tableau. Tableau provides documentation for their WDC which has all the download instructions and tutorials with an example […]

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  • Project Griffon: Admin Views from Tableau Server 14th March 2019
    With Project Griffon, we want to share examples and started with you – the Tableau Community. The objective here is to share tools which use what you have in front of you to help explain more about what’s going on. Please be sure to read the introduction to Project Griffon,... The post Project Griffon: Admin […]
    Ravi Mistry
  • How not to Ask Data (aka, how to turn the Ask Data feature off) 13th March 2019
    For whatever reason, as a data source owner, you may not want people to use the ‘Ask Data’ feature on your data source, which is available in versions Tableau 2019.1 or later.Is it possible? Sure, and here’s how… 1.Navigate to your data source on the server 2. Hit the ‘i’... The post How not to […]
    Ben Moss
  • Importing and Exporting Non-standard file formats with Alteryx 11th March 2019
    The list of files that we can read and write from Alteryx is pretty comprehensive; especially considering we can also read/write from/to many different databases and web datasources too; but sometimes we may come across a file format that does not appear to be on the list of sources available... The post Importing and Exporting […]
    Ben Moss
  • A new way of using Reference Bands in Tableau 7th March 2019
    Learn how to use reference bands in a new way! The post A new way of using Reference Bands in Tableau appeared first on The Information Lab.
    Laine Caruzca
  • How To – Tableau Javascript API for Dummies. Vol 1: when the API is not needed. 2nd March 2019
    What two Javascript illiterates can learn in a couple of days about Tableau JS API -- starting with when it's not needed. Read More... The post How To – Tableau Javascript API for Dummies. Vol 1: when the API is not needed. appeared first on The Information Lab.
    David Sanchez Martin
  • How to show dynamic date ranges 27th February 2019
    Descriptive titles are really important when making vizzes. They show your uses, at a glance, what you want them to know. They also mean that users don’t have to hunt through different legends around your dashboard to understand what it is they’re seeing. When showing trends over time, I’ve taken... The post How to show […]
    Oliver Clarke
  • How to label the longest of a Dual Axis Bar Chart? 21st February 2019
    I was teaching dual-axis charts to a class recently, and someone asked me, “How can I label the longer bar?”. I wasn’t too sure initially, but knew it would be possible, as most things in Tableau are. When I had a free minute I went away and thought about it... The post How to label […]
    Tom Pilgrem
  • Consultant’s Diary: Nested LoD for Ranking 21st February 2019
    I’m going to try and share some of the techniques and methods I use as a consultant. Using Tableau & Alteryx daily means that I’ve found I take small techniques, tips & tricks for granted. Hopefully this will be useful for you all. Table calculations can be mysterious. When first learning about table calculations,... The post Consultant’s Diary: Nested […]
    Ravi Mistry
  • We Need to Talk About Density Marks 18th February 2019
    Or: how knowledge is power when it is shared Act 1: on dealing with “busy” data On inspecting a dataset it becomes clear that the insight might be lost in how tightly packed together the data points are. It becomes difficult to separate the signal from the noise. Take this... The post We Need to […]
    Adi McCrea
  • Dynamic Date Filtering in Alteryx 15th February 2019
    [update: this macro has been updated to fix a small discrepancy in the “most recent X” filters. If you downloaded it before 2019-03-01, please download the new version] It’s 2019. Hooray. The change of a year is one of my least favourite things, professionally speaking, because January 2nd is when... The post Dynamic Date Filtering […]
    Gwilym Lockwood