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  • Announcing Tableau 10.4: Data discovery and discussions
    September 25, 2017 · Olivia Nix Product NewsAnnouncing Tableau 10.4: Data discovery and discussionsBy Marissa Michelotti With Tableau 10.4, we’re making data discovery a breeze. Save time and reduce mistakes with certifications, data source recommendations, collaborative discussions, and more. Read more about Announcing Tableau 10.4: Data discovery and discussions 5 comments Add new comment
  • 5 reasons to rethink your governance strategy
    July 25, 2017 · Josh ParenteauEnterprise5 reasons to rethink your governance strategyBy Marissa Michelotti With business intelligence and analytics platform modernization on the industry's mind, the time is right to adopt a governance model designed for responsible self-service and maximum reach. Read more about 5 reasons to rethink your governance strategy Add new comment
  • Upcoming changes to Tableau Desktop operating system requirements
    August 8, 2017 · Dan JewettProduct NewsUpcoming changes to Tableau Desktop operating system requirementsBy Piper Stull-Lane Learn about important changes to operating system requirements for Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, and Tableau Public. Read more about Upcoming changes to Tableau Desktop operating system requirements Add new comment
  • Learn how the Tableau community is using IT data to gain insights that drive decisions
    July 17, 2017 · Tracy RodgersEnterpriseLearn how the Tableau community is using IT data to gain insights that drive decisionsBy Marissa Michelotti Hear from the Tableau IT community on using analytics to gain clarity around your infrastructure, software, and resources. Make better decisions with data. Read more about Learn how the Tableau community is using […]
  • Add Tableau to your Linux shop—and download the beta!
    July 7, 2017 · Irwin DolobowskyProduct NewsAdd Tableau to your Linux shop—and download the beta!By Marissa Michelotti Get your hands on Tableau Server on Linux! Our beta version is ready for you to test. Experience the power and flexibility of “the penguin.” Read more about Add Tableau to your Linux shop—and download the beta! Add […]
  • Using Gantt charts in Tableau to manage projects
    June 30, 2017 · Piper Stull-Lane, Tracy RodgersVisualizationsUsing Gantt charts in Tableau to manage projectsBy Marissa Michelotti You already know Tableau is great for exploring and analyzing data, but did you know you can also use Tableau to create a robust project management tool? All you have to do is build a Gantt chart. Read […]
  • Eye-tracking study: 5 key learnings for data designers everywhere
    June 29, 2017 · Amy AlbertsVisualizationsEye-tracking study: 5 key learnings for data designers everywhereBy Marissa Michelotti The Tableau Research and Design team is always eager to learn from our amazing customers. Last year, our team hosted the first Tableau Labs at Tableau Conference 2016 with the intention of conducting real-time research with conference attendees. One […]
  • Unleash your data sources with Data Server
    June 21, 2017 · Roger Hau, Tyler DoyleEnterpriseUnleash your data sources with Data ServerBy Marissa Michelotti Tableau Server has many data governance features to promote exploration, collaboration, and security. Read more about Unleash your data sources with Data Server Add new comment
  • Get Tableau 10.4 beta to better collaborate on trusted data
    June 22, 2017 · Piper Stull-Lane Product NewsGet Tableau 10.4 beta to better collaborate on trusted dataBy Piper Stull-Lane In this release, we’re getting the right data in front of the right people, across the enterprise. Data source certifications help organizations promote the best sources for teams to use. They work seamlessly with our expanded […]
  • Tableau's Total Cost of Ownership, 29% lower than alternatives
    September 8, 2017 · Dan KoganEnterpriseTableau's Total Cost of Ownership, 29% lower than alternativesBy Marissa Michelotti Tableau’s Total Cost of Ownership is 29% lower than other BI solutions. Read more about Tableau's Total Cost of Ownership, 29% lower than alternatives Add new comment

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  • Expedition Tableau Part 3: Developing Data Visualization skills 27th August 2017
      Ahoy mates! Have you seen part 1 and part 2 I wrote about my first two weeks aboard Promatix and getting to grips with Tableau? Anyway, it’s already been another 4 weeks of sailing since then, so high time I share my updated logbook with you with more of my developing data visualization skills!
  • Expedition Tableau Part 2: Setting off on my Tableau Journey 15th August 2017
    If you have read the short intro to this blog, then you know that before commencing my Tableau journey at Promatix I have already had a taste of the software during the three days of the London Tableau Conference On Tour. However, that was a little while ago already and was more of an introduction, […]
  • Expedition Tableau Part 1: The beginning of my Tableau Journey 15th August 2017
    The Tableau Conference On Tour at the Tobacco Dock in London this June was my baptism in Tableau and the data world surrounded by it. It was fun, interesting and an exciting way to start my job aboard Promatix. As a newbie I was hoping to meet other beginners in this world of data analysis […]
  • 4 Key Issues to Consider When Evaluating BI Platforms 7th July 2017
    Every business has their own operating model, business objectives and KPIs.  Therefore, it is imperative that decision makers spend time to evaluate BI platforms that will help to unlock the potential that BI can deliver, whilst focusing on the specific needs of their business.     During this evaluation process, you may find yourself coming […]
  • Why You Need a BI Strategy to Choose the Right BI Tool 22nd June 2017
    As the business intelligence and data analytics market starts to mature, the number of solutions, providers and tools has dramatically increased, making it more difficult and confusing for decision makers to select the right BI tool for their organisation. It must be kept in mind that not every solution will be suited for your organisation’s […]
  • 10 Best Practices for Cloud BI 15th June 2017
    Cloud business intelligence is no longer a new phenomenon: with a plethora of organisations now seeking to move their BI to the cloud, it is transforming into a mature platform that will continue to expand. Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report reported that 51% of their survey respondents expressed BI cloud intentions and additionally predicted that […]
  • BI User Enablement as a Strategy for Building a Data-Driven Culture 7th June 2017
    The full power of business intelligence cannot be realised by an organisation unless its users are empowered and supported to take advantage of its powerful insights. An increasing number of organisations are now seeking to build a data-driven culture to remain competitive, and to do so they demand a powerful BI solution that allows them […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Enterprise BI; Why Scalability Really Matters 25th May 2017
    Selecting an enterprise business intelligence platform without considering its ability to scale to fit your organisation’s size, direction, and needs, puts you at risk that your BI investment will become obsolete in the near furture. Enterprise BI solutions are expected to grow as businesses quickly evolve, supporting hundreds and thousands of internal and external users, […]
    Chris Dickson
  • Top 5 Insights from Gartner's Magic Quadrant 2017 19th May 2017
    As you may have already seen, Gartner released their 2017 Magic Quadrant report for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. We are happy to announce as a partner of Tableau, that Tableau has been positioned as a Leader within the Magic Quadrant for the fifth year and was also awarded the highest for Ability to Execute for […]
    Chris Dickson
  • The Tableau Gantt Chart Measures More Than Just Deadlines 13th April 2017
    Since the invention of the Gantt chart in 1910, they have become a staple within the realm of project management. They are favoured within this discipline as they excel at scheduling the most complex projects effectively, and therefore help to reduce the headache of managing deadlines. These schedules or progressions of time are usually represented […]

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  • Vizzes in tooltips in Tableau 10.5 16th October 2017
    During the Devs on Stage keynote at the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas (next year will be in New Orleans if you want to book your ticket already), one of the most exciting new features was announced for the next version of Tableau 10.5: the possibility to add visualizations in... The post Vizzes in tooltips […]
    Pablo Saenz de Tejada
  • Tableau’s New Extensions API 10th October 2017
    At their annual conference in Vegas, Tableau announced that they’re about to release a new API called the ‘Extensions API’. This new API will allow partners, customers and developers to build custom add-ins for Tableau Dashboards, bringing extra functionality right into Tableau Desktop. Why? So why does Tableau need new custom... The post Tableau’s New Extensions […]
    Craig Bloodworth
  • How to create a stepped colour scheme with a colour alert in Tableau (with a discrete field) 9th October 2017
    You may have read my previous post on creating a stepped colour scheme with a colour alert for a continuous field, but then realized that you have a discrete field (and it breaks the view when you try and change it to continuous!) and wondered how to achieve the same... The post How to create […]
    Rachel Phang
  • How to create and share an Alteryx Tool Installer (a .yxi file) 5th October 2017
    Alteryx introduced a new file type in version 10.5 – the .yxi file. (See the announcement of this from Ben Gomez, Alteryx’s Senior Product Manager, here on the Alteryx community.) So why should you be excited about this? Well, because it makes sharing custom tools or macros incredibly easy. You... The post How to create […]
    Peter Gamble-Beresford
  • Tableau Zen Master Webinar Series 29th September 2017
    Have you ever wanted to learn from a Zen Master for free? Well here’s your chance.  Join us for The Information Lab Europe Tableau Zen Master Webinar Series with me (Andy Kriebel), Chris Love and Craig Bloodworth. We’ll be sharing our love for Tableau in three webinars starting in October. Sign up here: Part... The post Tableau Zen Master […]
    Andy Kriebel
  • Hackathon Diaries: Prospecting for Charity Donors 29th September 2017
    Earlier this year I participated in a charity hackathon hosted by the BI team at Barclays. Charities, like any organisation nowadays gather large amounts of data related to their operations, but unlike the big companies that employ many of us, generally can’t budget for teams of BI consultants to extract... The post Hackathon Diaries: Prospecting […]
    Ben Davis
  • Take advantage of the new ServiceNow Tableau connector (Part 2) 29th September 2017
    In the second part of this quick tour using the Tableau Service Now connector, some tips to work with time fields and some really fundamental stuff to use when analysing data from this service This is the second and final part of an introduction to the ServiceNow Tableau connector. If... The post Take advantage of […]
    Rachel Costa
  • Strings and roundabouts: how to label your numbers in Tableau effectively 28th September 2017
    Lots of Tableau dashboards feature big summary numbers. They’re pretty nice, and they look like this: And what’s even nicer is that you can alter the measure’s default number format to automatically round a specific unit, like this: But sometimes, the range of numbers is a lot wider than sales... The post Strings and roundabouts: […]
    Gwilym Lockwood
  • How to Translate Foreign Language Text with Alteryx 26th September 2017
    It’s relatively easy to translate text nowadays, with Google Translate just a few clicks and a copy and paste away, deciphering information from a language you have no skill in whatsoever has never been easier. But what if you needed to translate thousands of pieces of information within a dataset? Well,... The post How to Translate […]
    Peter Gamble-Beresford
  • Take advantage of the new ServiceNow Tableau connector (Part 1) 20th September 2017
    In this quick tour, learn how to identify the data you need and how to use it to create your first ServiceNow dashboards in Tableau If you’re n user of ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and Tableau you might know that a beta version of ServiceNow connector was launched last... The post Take advantage of […]
    Rachel Costa