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  • Now available in Tableau: Write to database in Tableau Prep, grant license on sign in, deeper integration with SAP, and more
    The newest release of Tableau is here! Tableau 2020.3 brings powerful functionality to help scale your analytics, making trusted data more accessible to everyone. Upgrade to take advantage of these new innovations, and visit the Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub for more resources as we continue to navigate these challenging times—we are regularly updating data and […]
  • Visualizing all of the protests and political unrest in the U.S. this summer
    In the U.S., 2020 has been a year marked by crisis and protests—and with an election in November, tensions will continue to run high. In times of uncertainty, it’s critical to understand where the risk of instability and political violence is highest. However, there’s been no centralized effort to collect comprehensive data on demonstrations and […]
  • Best of the Tableau Web: it's Iron Viz season!
    Hello everyone and welcome to the latest round up of the Tableau community highlights. July is typically a quiet month. For a lot of people it’s because of vacation, but for many it’s because focus turns to Iron Viz. As I write, at the start of August, entries have closed and the judging process begins […]
  • Write to external databases from Tableau Prep
    Since the launch of Tableau Prep, we've made it simple to create Tableau Extracts and CSVs from data prep flows. Today, we’re excited to share the next step in our data preparation journey. With the upcoming Tableau 2020.3 release (Edit: It's here! Learn more about Tableau 2020.3), you can now write prepared data directly to […]
  • Looking back on one year of partnership with Salesforce
    August 1 marked the one-year anniversary of the start of our journey together with Salesforce. In lieu of an anniversary celebration, we are honoring the values and generosity that are hallmarks of our two communities by making a donation to the World Food Program, to help in their fight against hunger. As I look back […]
  • This dashboard shows the prevalence of dis/misinformation on COVID-19
    COVID-19 is not only a public health challenge—it’s a public information challenge. It’s proven difficult to wrangle even basic case and mortality data on the pandemic. And if you’ve spent time on the internet in the last several months, you’ve probably felt the challenge of identifying what information on the coronavirus is reliable—and what is […]
  • How Tableau reinvented our summer internship program
    At Tableau, our intern program is woven into the fabric of our culture. Our interns are relentless changemakers, measurers, problem-solvers, and #carpedata practitioners who bring their ideas and skill sets to do real, valuable work for our employees, customers, and the Tableau Community. We are all inspired to work together and build products that help […]
  • Tableau Prep Builder best practices: Designing with performance in mind
    In a previous post, we looked under the hood at how Tableau Prep Builder helps us build efficient flows through its native modes. It may be helpful to read that post to understand some of the terms we reference below, like interactive mode and run mode. In this blog, we build on that foundation and […]
  • DataRobot visualizes machine learning results in Tableau to predict 2020 MLB performance
    COVID-19 has kicked off a lot of discussion about the future of professional sports. After months of conversations between Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), they have enacted a 60-game schedule and, tentatively, a plan for playoffs. Before the 2020 season started, we (the DataRobot team) predicted how the […]
  • Navigating the next normal: Using data to understand your customer
    How well do you understand your customers? Whether your brand is B2B or B2C, your customers expect seamless, omnichannel experiences. Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, customers expect brands to offer value, relevant products and services, and to grow with them as their needs evolve. The pandemic has taught businesses that staying relevant in a time […]

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  • National Student Survey and University Rankings: Internal Project 10th August 2020
    DS19s project last week was to collect both NSS and University rankings data then display this data in a way that’s easily digested by the viewer. Using the data, we created two dashboards for each NSS and Uni rankings. One was an overview dashboard and the second an interactive dashboard... The post National Student Survey […]
    Craig Steven
  • Python Tool in Alteryx: Deduplicating Images 10th August 2020
    New to python tool in alteryx or python in general? Here's a step by step description of how I built an app that identifies duplicate images and moves them to a new location The post Python Tool in Alteryx: Deduplicating Images appeared first on The Information Lab.
    Hanna Nykowska
  • Using Parameters as a data Source for Student Number Planning 6th August 2020
    Covid-19 has presented the higher education industry with many challenges but arguably one of the most prescient right now is the issue of student number planning. It the best of times it would be a challenging undertaking to say the least but given the current climate of uncertainty it has... The post Using Parameters as […]
  • Case study: retail store catchment areas 6th July 2020
    Building on the retail store location analysis this case study focuses on catchment areas of stores.  Let’s take a look at how to establish a store location that has access to more customers than its direct competitor. Building the Analytics Pipeline Context A high street store is looking to open... The post Case study: retail […]
    Luisa Bez
  • Race, Equity & The Future of The Information Lab 15th June 2020
    We believe that a more diverse team helps people make sense of their data. The post Race, Equity & The Future of The Information Lab appeared first on The Information Lab.
    Craig Bloodworth
  • Tableau server REST API requests analysis 10th June 2020
    During my recent client assignment, I was asked to develop a dashboard for monitoring REST API calls on Tableau server. Admins wanted to make sure that the person that was permitted access via REST API was only doing what was included in the project scope – in this case downloading... The post Tableau server REST […]
    Wiktoria Rudz
  • Survival Analysis in Alteryx and Tableau 4th June 2020
    Survival analysis is a way of looking at the time it takes for something to happen. It’s a bit different from the normal predictive approaches; we’re not trying to predict a binary property like in a logistic regression, and we’re not trying to predict a continuous variable like in a... The post Survival Analysis in […]
    Gwilym Lockwood
  • Automate Data Quality Warnings with Webhooks 26th May 2020
    Introduction Data quality warnings are a great addition to any Tableau Server and Online deployment. This messages feature is part of the Data Catalogue, which makes up the Data Management add-on. If you enable this feature you can, for example, inform your users that a data source has problems. You... The post Automate Data Quality […]
    Andre De Vries
  • Case study: office relocation and the impact on employee commutes 22nd May 2020
    The Information Lab and TravelTime bring you location intelligence tools for office relocation logistics Moving to a new office is a significant investment. Many of these costs are visible up-front: leasing, utilities, insurance. However, there is also the potential for a business to impose a significant cost on its most... The post Case study: office […]
    Adi McCrea
  • Behind the headlines – COVID testing blackspots and iGeolise TravelTime 22nd May 2020
    Around a million people are more than one hour’s drive away from a COVID-19 regional testing centre The Telegraph, (29/04/2020) Today we’re digging into the analysis behind this headline. We’ll focus on how we generate travel time extents and calculate proximity to COVID-19 regional testing centres. We’ll be using the... The post Behind the headlines […]
    Adi McCrea