How the 3 Pillars of Visual Analytics™️ Can Help You Build Better Dashboards, Faster

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Ever felt like you were lost in a maze of data with no clue if your dashboard would impress or confuse your stakeholders? Yep, I’ve been there too. The endless “best practices” felt more like a wild goose chase than a roadmap.

That’s why I developed the 3 Pillars of Visual Analytics™️. Trust me, these will save your sanity.

1. Questions

Ever play 20 Questions? It’s kind of like that, but with data. Drill down through the answers to the 5 Whys to keep your dashboard focused and bursting with insights.


2. Design
Think of your dashboard as the Mona Lisa of data. You want it to be captivating, not confusing. Use design practices that spotlight key insights and avoid leading your users down the garden path.


3. Process
Designing a dashboard without feedback is like trying to cook a meal without tasting along the way. Engage your stakeholders early, get feedback along the way, iterate often, and don’t be afraid to fail fast – it’s quicker than failing slow!


It’ll stop you “over salting” your dashboards!

By embracing these pillars, you’ll turn your dashboards into business tools. Not art, but eye-catching and action-inspiring.

I’ve attached some further slides below that dive deeper into these principles.

Let’s chat about how these can revolutionise your dashboard design.


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