Tableau Desktop Training – Foundation

Be up and running with Tableau in days, not months

2 day course, £695 per person (Plus VAT. Early bird and Group pricing also available)

This Tableau training course is a jumpstart to getting report writers and analysts with little or no previous knowledge to being productive.  It covers everything from connecting to data, through to creating interactive dashboards with a range of visualisations in two days. Having a quick turnaround from starting to use Tableau, to getting real, actionable insights means that you get a swift return on your investment.

This accelerated approach is key to getting engagement from within your organisation so everyone can immediately see and feel the impact of the data and insights you create.

This 2 Day course is aimed at someone who has not used Tableau in earnest and may be in a functional role, eg.  in sales, marketing, finance, operations, business intelligence etc.

The course includes the following topics:

What is Tableau?

  • The Tableau Ecosystem
  • Know your way around

How do I get started?

  • The analytical process
  • Create your first dashboard

How do I connect to my data?

  • Connecting live to data sources
  • Splitting fields
  • Creating Re-usable Data Sources
  • Sharing Data Sources
  • The impact of underlying changes

How can I explore my data?

  • Filtering Dimensions and Measures
  • Filtering Dates
  • Sorting data in views

How do I organise my data?

  • Combining multiple members within a dimension to create a Group
  • Combining multiple Dimensions to Create a Hierarchy

How does Tableau deal with dates?

  • Discrete and Continuous Dates
  • Custom Date

How do I analyse multiple measures in the same chart?

  • Measure Values and Measure Names
  • Multiple Measures Sharing a single Axis
  • Dual axis with multiple chart types
  • Scatter (XY) Plots

How can I map my data?

  • Navigation and Map Options
  • Geographic Groups and custom territories

How can I produce tabular reports?

  • Creating Text Tables in Tableau
  • Adding insight with Highlight Tables

How do I make calculations on my data?

  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Working with Aggregations
  • String Calculations
  • Date Calculations

How do I create comparative calculations?

  • Introduction to Table Calculations
  • Quick Table Calculations

How can I show proportional data?

  • Pie Charts
  • Tree Maps

How can I add reference lines and data?

  • Reference Lines
  • Reference Bands

How do I combine my analyses?

  • Creating Dashboards
  • Making Dashboards Interactive with Actions

This training course includes over 25 hands-on exercises to help participants “learn by doing” and to assist group discussions around real-life use cases. Each attendee receives an extensive training manual which covers the theory, practical applications and use cases, exercises and solutions together with a USB with all the materials required for the training.

The course starts at 09:30 on the first day and ends at 17:00. On the second day the course starts at 09:00 and ends at 17:00.

Students must bring their own laptop with an active version of Tableau Desktop 10.5 (or later) pre-installed.

Tableau Foundation: This 2 Day Tableau Desktop Foundation course is aimed at someone who has not used Tableau in earnest and may be in a functional role, eg. in sales, marketing, finance, operations, business intelligence etc.

Next Tableau Desktop Foundation course:

Online – 09:30 to 13:00 BST each day

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Our Cancellation policy and commitment to our customers

“Business as near usual as possible”

In these uncertain times we would like to provide our clients with assurance that we will limit the impact of the above upon your training as much as possible.

As has always been our policy, should you need to cancel your attendance on one of our courses then we will let you attend the next one at your earliest convenience, with no additional cost.

We are currently providing our training courses live online. If this is of interest, please do get in contact.

What people are saying about this course:

“I would highly recommend this course for Tableau beginners, really easy to follow and keep up with as you are hands on during the course. Trainer really helpful too.” Chelsey H., QVC.

“Steve is a natural trainer, patient and very good at explaining in simple terms. He has an excellent knowledge base of the system and an obvious enthusiasm for Tableau, data analysis and the best way to convey results. We had been having difficulties in the business in building financial reports from a data cube and Steve had solutions for these which have proved to be very useful.” Matthew H., ISS Group.

“Excellent Trainer – knows his stuff, has done it all in the real world, not just the class room.” Richard L., Intelliflo.

“Tableau is a complicated and powerful tool. After taking this course, I am confident in what I can do, and how it can help improve my work.” Trevor B., Morrison Utility Services.

“Great Tableau foundation course for analysts!” Donna P., Homeless Link.

“Steve is not only very knowledgeable of Tableau, but is also a warm and friendly instructor. His passion and ability to provide solutions for real world problems made for a great training session.” Aaron M., Future Games of London ltd. (Ubisoft).

“This course was pitched at the perfect level and was studded with examples to make it a hands-on course. I really enjoyed it and the trainer was really engaging and helpful.” Jennifer W., Fidelity International.

“Steve was very knowledgeable and had a relaxed and engaging teaching style. I can’t imagine how we would have moved forward with the software without this foundation learning.” Chris W., 2gether NHS Foundation Trust.

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Our Tableau Qualified Associate expert covers all of the functionality knowledge that you would expect, and is flexible to focus on what you need. Through our training programmes, you will learn the skills to create beautiful visualisations, to ask and answer questions of your data, and learn lots about best practices and dashboard design along the way. Let our expert kick start your Tableau journey today.

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