Tableau Desktop Training - Foundation

Be up and running with Tableau in days, not weeks

2 day course, £495 per person (early bird pricing available)

This Tableau training course is a jumpstart to getting report writers and analysts with little or no previous knowledge to being productive.  It covers everything from connecting to data, through to creating interactive dashboards with a range of visualisations in two days. Having a quick turnaround from starting to use Tableau, to getting real, actionable insights means that you get a swift return on your investment.

This accelerated approach is key to getting engagement from within your organisation so everyone can immediately see and feel the impact of the data and insights you create.

This 2 Day course is aimed at someone who has not used Tableau in earnest and may be in a functional role, eg.  in sales, marketing, finance, operations, business intelligence etc.

The course includes the following topics:

  • Tableau ecosystem
  • The analytical flow
  • Tableau interface
  • Connecting to data
  • Managing your data
  • Basic calculations
  • Basic data visualisations
  • Basic data science
  • Dashboards and Story boards
  • Actions
  • Publishing and sharing reports
  • Useful resources and where to get help

Each attendee receives an extensive training manual which covers the theory, practical applications and use cases, exercises and solutions.

Tableau Foundation: This 2 Day Tableau Desktop Foundation course is aimed at someone who has not used Tableau in earnest and may be in a functional role, eg. in sales, marketing, finance, operations, business intelligence etc.

Next Tableau Desktop Foundation course:


25 - 26 April 18


11 - 12 July 18

"Steve provided an excellent initial overview of Tableau and outlined the areas he aimed to cover and asked us if there were any areas which were of particular interest."

Visual DJ Tableau Training Courses

Whether you are new to Tableau or a seasoned user wanting to prepare for certification exams, we have a Tableau training course for you. We offer business intelligence training using your own data so you not only see what Tableau can do, but you can ask and answer your real business questions while learning.

Our Tableau Qualified Associate expert covers all of the functionality knowledge that you would expect, and is flexible to focus on what you need. Through our training programmes, you will learn the skills to create beautiful visualisations, to ask and answer questions of your data, and learn lots about best practices and dashboard design along the way. Let our expert kick start your Tableau journey today.

We also offer course bundles and discounts for multiple attendees from your organisation, please contact us to discuss further.

Visual DJ runs Tableau Training courses every month. You can view the full calendar listings here.

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