TEG 07 Feb 2022

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We discussed various strategies for improving performance based upon large data sets, including reducing the number of filters, using action filters instead where appropriate, reducing the load on a landing page, preparing various aggregations of the data, hiding worksheets prior to filtering being selected and context filters.

The Tableau guide on performance is here (and refers to various additional resources) – https://help.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/perf_checklist.htm.

We also talked about using local, filtered extracts, for development purposes to overcome the empty extract (although as noted, this would need to ensure the data-driven parameter update logic still works).

We toured the “Top 15 LOD Expressions” blog post by Bethany Lyons – https://www.tableau.com/about/blog/LOD-expressions?ssologin=true&check_logged_in=1 – and encouraged people to find at least 2 or 3 of those use cases as being applicable to their own data to try for themselves.

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