TEG 24 Feb 2022

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Today we looked at a table of data with lots of rows, and investigated various ways to analyse that data in order to filter it to a manageable view.

This was based on The Economist data set for Ad Bookings.

We covered:
➡️ “Top N and Other” Bar charts
➡️ Using parameters to define the “N”
➡️ Creating a dashboard “reveal” approach to filter data before showing the detail
➡️ Adding in more analysis and using the Action Filter “Target different dashboard” approach
➡️ Options for additional analysis to do this explored were:
➡️ Scatter chart
➡️ Box & Whisker chart
➡️ Treemap
➡️ Parameterising the dimension LOD in a treemap (or the measure used)
➡️ Simple Pareto chart (Which customers provide 80% of our revenue?)

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