22 Mar 2022

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We ran through the 5 “out-of-the-box” easiest ways to drill down in Tableau:

① Hierarchies. A simple drag and drop in the data pane enables us to define a drill down path through multiple dimensions – from Region —> Segment —> Customer for example.

② Dashboard Action Filters. Combining multiple analytical charts on a dashboard and allowing the user to click through and filter is powerful and allows users to answer complex questions really easily.

③ Viz In Tooltips. Tooltips on their own allow us to provide supplementary information and add insights. Adding additional analytical charts in to the Tooltip also offer us additional drill down capabilities…”who are the top 5 customers ordering that (loss making) product” is a great example.

④ Navigate and Filter to another Dashboard. Quite often we see dashboards trying to cram too much detail on them, or “be everything to everybody”. This simple tool allows our user to select what is important, and use that to filter a different dashboard that shows us the underlying detail. Additionally, using the “Menu” option in the filter action can allow our user to select what they filter on, and to which dashboard they navigate to.

⑤ Pinpoint the location where you can take action in a 3rd party Web Applications using a URL Action. (Securely) take the user to the patient record in your PAS, the Customer in your CRM or the Order in your Accounting system so that they can fix the problem NOW. You can’t get any closer to taking action than this wonderfully simple and yet powerful capability.

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