Visual Analytics Best Practice

Visual Analytics Best Practice




(Virtual or Onsite)

2 days course
This course is very much a discussion, so be prepared to present and critically analyse your own and class mates work. You will also need to bring a few examples of work you have done in the past.
Learning and applying best practice visualisation principles will improve effective discussions amongst decision makers throughout your organisation. As a result more end-users of your dashboards will be able to make better decisions, more quickly.
This 2 Day training course is aimed at analysts with good working knowledge of BI tools (we use Tableau to present, but attendees can use their own software such as Power BI or Qlik Sense). It is a great preparation for taking advanced certifications, such as Tableau Certified Professional.

The course includes the following topics:

  • Visual Analytics
  • Visual Analytics Process
  • Advantages of Visual Analysis
  • Exercise: Interpreting Visualisations
  • Memory and Processing Types
  • Exercise: Identifying Types of Processing
  • Cognitive Load
  • Exercise: Analysing Cognitive Load
  • Focus and Guide the Viewer
  • Remove Visual Distractions
  • Organise Information into Chunks
  • Design for Proximity
  • Exercise: Reducing Cognitive Load
  • Pre-attentive Attributes
  • Quantitatively-Perceived Attributes
  • Categorically-Perceived Attributes
  • Exercise: Analysing Pre-attentive Attributes
  • Form & Attributes
  • Exercise: Using Form Effectively
  • Colour & Attributes
  • Exercise: Using Colour Effectively
  • Position & Attributes
  • Exercise: Using Position Effectively
  • Informing without Misleading
  • Gestalt Principles
  • Visual Area
  • Axis & Scale
  • Colour
  • Detail
  • Exercise: Informing without Misleading
  • Comparing and Ranking Categories
  • Comparing Measures
  • Comparing Parts to Whole
  • Viewing Data Over Time
  • Charts Types for Mapping
  • Viewing Correlation
  • Viewing Distributions
  • Viewing Specific Values
  • Exercise: Picking the Chart Type
  • Exercise: Brainstorming Visual Best Practice
  • Development Process for Dashboards and Stories
  • Plan the Visualisation
  • Create the Visualisation
  • Test the Visualisation
  • Exercise: Designing Dashboards and Stories
This training course includes over 20 hands-on exercises to help participants “learn by doing” and to assist group discussions around real-life use cases. Each attendee receives an extensive training manual which covers the theory, practical applications and use cases, exercises and solutions together with a USB with all the materials required for the training.
The course starts at 09:30 on the first day and ends at 17:00. On the second day the course starts at 09:00 and ends at 17:00.
Students must bring their own laptop with an active version of Tableau Desktop 10.5 (or later) pre-installed.
Visual Analytics Best Practice

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As has always been our policy, should you need to cancel your attendance on one of our courses then we will let you attend the next one at your earliest convenience, with no additional cost.
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