IBCSⓇ with SUCCESS – Successful reports and presentations

1 day course, £800 per person (early bird and group discounts available)

As an expert in your field, you have processed important and accurate data. Yet it takes much more to present this data successfully to management or customers. Focus here must be on your message because recipients will only be able to understand you if you really say what must be said. Management reports require clear notation, as is the case with maps or sheets of music.

Successful communication is based on binding rules. The effectiveness of communicating data driven information, decisions and proposals is improved by the application of consistent standards and simplification of the essentials, adhering to the seven core principles of SUCCESS:

SAY: Convey a message
UNIFY: Apply semantic notation
CONDENSE: Increase information density
CHECK: Ensure visual integrity
EXPRESS: Choose proper visualisation
SIMPLIFY: Avoid clutter
STRUCTURE: Organise content

Find extensive information and many examples of how this works in practice at the IBCS Association and HICHERT+FAISST websites.

Who Should Attend?

Accountants, analysts, business intelligence specialists, analytic specialists, report designers/developers, dashboard designers/developers.

Why Attend?

Attending this training will help you significantly improve your reporting:

Quality: Improved reporting quality standards means reports and presentations are much easier to understand, deliver clearer information, and ultimately lead to better decisions.

Reaction time: Reduced reaction times add value to the overall decision-making process. Management and  executives can make decisions faster and drive action. Business analysts can answer questions more quickly.

Cost: Standardised, reusable report templates save time and cost for analysts and administrators. The delivery time of new reports and presentations will be shorter.


The objective of this training course is to present universal design standards for reports and presentations. In turn, this will help participants report and present more effectively – with numerous before-and-after examples taken from actual practice.

You will discover why organisations like BMW, Canon, CocaCola, Philips and SAP have successfully standardised their reporting with the SUCCESS formula of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®).


09:00 Reception

09:30 Introduction: The basics of business communication

  • Management reports: Reports should have something interesting to report
  • Presentations: The PowerPoint culture must be questioned
  • The SUCCESS formula of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®)

10:15 SAY: Convey a message

  • Focus on the message
  • Detect, explain, or suggest
  • Substantiate message

12:00 STRUCTURE: Organize content

  • Use homogeneous, non-overlapping and exhaustive elements
  • Build hierarchical structures
  • Show logical structure

12:15 EXPRESS: Choose proper visualization

  • Use correct chart type
  • Add comparisons and variances
  • Explain causes

14:00 SIMPLIFY: Avoid clutter

  • Avoid noise
  • Avoid redundancies
  • Replace with cleaner layout

14:45 CONDENSE: Increase information density

  • Utilize space
  • Add data
  • Add report elements

16:00 CHECK: Ensure visual integrity

  • Avoid manipulated axes
  • Avoid misleading representations
  • Use the same scales

16:30 UNIFY: Apply semantic notation

  • Unify terminology
  • Apply IBCS® Notation to report elements
  • Unify analyses

17:00 Summary

  • Significant results
  • Practical application
  • Next steps

17:30 End of training


Next IBCSⓇ with SUCCESS courses:


16 November 17


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