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Course Description


Tableau is an intuitive and simple tool to learn. This Tableau training course is a jumpstart to getting report writers and analysts with little or no previous knowledge to being productive. It covers everything from connecting to data, through to creating interactive dashboards with a range of visualisations in two days. Having a quick turnaround from starting to use Tableau, to getting real, actionable insights means that you get a swift return on your investment.

This accelerated approach is key to getting engagement from within your organisation so everyone can immediately see and feel the impact of the data and insights you create.

This 2 Day course is aimed at someone who has not used Tableau in earnest and may be in a functional role, eg. in sales, marketing, finance, operations, business intelligence, etc.


The course is split into 3 phases and 9 modules:

Phase 1: GET READY

  • Check Install & Setup
  • Why is Visual Analytics Important
  • What is possible
  • How does Tableau deal with data
  • Know your way around
  • How do we format charts
  • Dashboard Basics – My First Dashboard

  • Connecting to and setting up data in Tableau
  • How Do I Explore my Data – Filters & Sorting
  • How Do I Structure my Data – Groups & Hierarchies, Visual Groups
  • How Tableau Deals with Dates – Using Discrete and Continuous Dates, Custom Dates

Phase 2: GET SET

  • How Do I Create Calculated Fields & Why
  • Charts that Compare Multiple Measures – Measure Names and Measure Values, Shared Axis Charts, Dual Axis Charts, Scatter Plots
  • Showing Relational & Proportional Data – Pie Charts, Donut Charts, Tree Maps
  • Creating Tables – Creating Tables, Highlight Tables, Heat Maps

Phase 3: GO

  • Reference Lines and Bands

  • Answering Spatial Questions – Mapping, Creating a Choropleth (Filled) Map
  • Using the Dashboard Interface
  • Dashboard Actions