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As a gift for subscribing to Tableau Bites, please feel free to access the free, downloadable PDF, FULL of how-to blogs on creating various advanced charts in Tableau and best practices from the Tableau community.
It includes 135 tips and tricks, including how-to’s on Set Actions, Parameter Actions as well as creating sankey and zoomable charts, all of which have been great enough blogs to have featured in past editions of Tableau Bites.

Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

Our Cancellation policy and commitment to our customers

In these uncertain times we would like to provide our clients with assurance that we will limit the impact of the above upon your training as much as possible.
As has always been our policy, should you need to cancel your attendance on one of our courses then we will let you attend the next one at your earliest convenience, with no additional cost.
We are currently providing our training courses live online. If this is of interest, please do get in contact.
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