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12 EnterpriseTips

In her blog post, Brandi Beals provides a comprehensive guide on 12 enterprise best practices for Tableau , beginning by emphasising the importance of setting up a branded colour palette at the workbook level to enhance the professional look and trustworthiness of your dashboards. Beals also underscores the need for defining data fields by adding comments for ease of use and better comprehension.

Documenting calculated fields is another important practice where using “//” as a prefix to add comments proves helpful, particularly for complex calculations. Beals advocates for the use of captions to leave notes for yourself or your team, which could include sources, instructions, or inspirations for the chart. She emphasises on automating refresh access to keep your dashboard updated with the latest data. The post also covers the importance of setting up subscriptions to send emails with dashboard snapshots, thereby increasing user adoption and keeping your work top of mind…

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