A Journey to Custom Subtotals with Table Calculations By Jeffrey Shaffer

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This past weekend Tableau Zen Master Klaus Schulte published a great blog post showing four different ways of Adding Custom Sub-Totals in Tableau. In this blog
post, he demonstrates how to do this with data densification and table calculations. I posted my own solution later that evening, which I will describe below, but I wanted to discuss the journey to get to the solution.We often see finished visualizations or technical blog posts relating to Tableau, but when we see the end
result, we don’t see the hours of iteration that it can take to get there. Those iterations can include dead ends, mistakes and sometimes overlooking the simplest of solutions. So in an effort to show this process more, I thought I would walk through the process that I took. Keep in mind that I didn’t record every step along the way, but I will highlight my process as best I can.

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