Custom Number Formatting in Tableau

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Stop wasting your time creating calculations just for formatting.

I used to do this. A lot.

I still do, just a lot less.

I didn’t know, what I didn’t know… and so wasn’t searching for a solution (Hint: that’s why having a coach is powerful).

What I am talking about, is the ability to format numbers in a way that adds additional information for your users.

Maybe you just want to show the sign of a number, or you want to add an “increase” icon (eg ▲) to a number.

Maybe these are in tooltips, in labels or integrated into a table.

The fact is, you can achieve a lot just by using the full depth of functionality of formatting in Tableau.

And the brilliant Tableau Visionary, Marc Reid has helped us all by creating this cool Formatting Cheat Sheet (although he calls it a Quick Reference Guide – but I prefer cheat).


He’s also written a couple of blogs to talk you through the options:

Plus a video tutorial below! 👇🏼

This will save you a lot of time – and remove the need to create a bunch of calculations.

Thanks Marc. You are a star!

Do you have any other cheat sheet suggestions?

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