Map Zoom with Radial Distance and Increasing Mark Size By Jeffrey Shaffer

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Back in October 2018, I posted this map highlighter on Twitter. A month later, Sarah Battersby posted this on Twitter and suggested adding a radial function to it. In
this blog post, I will demonstrate how to do this and more. Specifically, how to create a map that will zoom in, filter and show a radial distance, control the radial distance, format the radial distance and the points and increase the mark size as it zooms in. This combines several techniques from many different people as well as a few tips and tricks.In my original version, I leveraged Tableau Set Actions to move a shape around the map based on which point was in the set on a hover action. This is pretty straight forward. Using a dual-axis, the center point is enlarged and transparent to show a highlight circle around the point. Using the Radial Map zoom that is built into Tableau, the size of the shape can be set to a certain radius, for example 3 miles.

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