Advance with Assist: Filling in Null Records Without Filtering By Dustin Wyers

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Question: I’m using a table calculation comparing the same month last year, and my view shows blanks due to the date range I have applied. Is there a way to fill
in the blanks correctly?I’ve duplicated the user’s view somewhat using Superstore data. You can see that I’ve filtered to 2017 and 2018 in the view and applied a table calculation for 12 months prior:The goal is to get all the months filled in, as we know our data goes back to 2015. The key issue with this is that we’ve “filtered” out years prior to 2017. We need to keep that data in the view but not display it. That’s where the HIDE functionality comes into play for us. Using a calculation, we can create a calculated field that keeps our desired view intact, as well as the data we need for the table calculation.

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