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Organise content – IBCS ® – STRUCTURE

The SUCCESS formula of IBCS ® – STRUCTURE covers all aspects of organizing the content of reports and presentations. Organising the content means that reports and presentations follow a logical structure forming a convincing storyline (see also the SAY rule SA 3.2 “Develop storyline”). This article covers using homogeneous elements, building non-overlapping elements, building collectively exhaustive elements, building…


Conveying messages – IBCS ® – SAY

The SUCCESS formula of IBCS ® – SAY covers all aspects of conveying messages to the recipients of reports and presentations. Conveying messages means that reports and presentations, both as a whole as well as within their individual components, intend to say something to the recipients. Messages in this sense can be determinations, explanations, clarifications, recommendations, and other…

SUCCESS formula of the IBCS®

SUCCESS formula of the IBCS®

All too often reports, dashboards and business presentations have low impact which don’t communicate their message quickly enough, leading to slow decision making or worse still, no decision. Indeed, all too often, they do not convey a message at all and the user takes too long to decipher it from the visualisations presented. Enter the…

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