How to action filter when using set/parameter action drill downs By Andrew Lehm

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I really like set and parameter action drilldowns on a dashboard – when used well, they can help to add granularity to the data specific – user-selected – categories,
where adding all of the data would overwhelm and dilute the original message.However, I struggled for a while to incorporate them into dashboards where I was using action filters between sheets. Sometimes everything worked fine, but every now and then I would get some behaviour that would make the dashboard unusable – often clicking on a sheet to drill-down would completely blank out a sheet that it was supposed to filter.I assume this is due to something going wrong in the order that the actions are being processed, but I couldn’t find a way to force them to occur in the right order.If this sounds like something you’ve encountered and would like a solution to – you’re in luck! I found one.

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