How to Make Dynamic Tooltips in Tableau By Ryan Sleeper

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Tooltips, the box that appears with information about an item when you hover over it, are an effective way to save valuable real estate on a data visualization while providing context.
Whenever I know that my data visualizations will be consumed via an interactive version of Tableau (i.e. Tableau Public, Tableau Online, Tableau Server, Tableau Reader), I move as much secondary information as possible to the tooltips. This is easily done by moving the fields you want displayed in the tooltips to the Tooltip Marks Card and formatting as desired.
However, there is one big drawback with tooltips. Any field that is placed on the Tooltip Marks Card will be shown for every mark on the view, and in the same format. There are times when this doesn’t make sense, resulting in some strange results such as descriptive words in the tooltip that don’t have corresponding values (which happens if the value is null). This post shares how to make dynamic tooltips in Tableau, allowing you to show different information for each mark.

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