How to show grouped bars in a Bar Chart By Adolfo Hernandez

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Hello everybody, I hope every one of you is healthy and doing OK. I haven’t written in a long time and I wanted to get back to write another blog post, maybe I can distract you from all the bad news. Recently I stumbled upon an old Tableau Workout Wednesday challenge from way back in 2017. In this post Zen Masters Andy and Rody challenge us to create 100 data points as bar charts that are in one row and 5 columns – groups of 20 bars – and they want us to use just one Tableau sheet! I bet must of you already did this exercise, but I’ve been procrastinating it since 2017 to try to solve it and this blog post is about how I solved it.I found this challenge
particularly useful and applicable to many real world applications, when we need to show bar charts and if they have many items on them they get really crowdy, we usually do a top 5 or 10 or whatever to cut them off or they show an automatic scroll down, but our users some times want to see the whole picture.

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