How you can move from “Rubbish” to “Being confident” with Tableau

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Moving from “Rubbish” to “Being confident” can drive a mindset change. It’s crucial to invest in the people on your team.

When they first started with us, several of the teams in our coaching programs “didn’t rate their abilities” with Tableau (to say the least!). They were not sure about the benefits that they could get after completing our programme and learning about all the features of Tableau. Several team members had even less faith in the capabilities that Tableau brings to the table.

Tableau delivers robust data discovery and exploration, allowing users to answer critical questions quickly. Tableau does not require any prior programming skills, and users with no prior experience may start producing visuals right away, if given the right guidance.

It can link to various data sources that aren’t supported by other BI products. Users may generate reports using Tableau by merging and mixing diverse datasets. Tableau Server provides a centralized place for an organization’s published data sources to be managed.

We walk Tableau Training delegates through five stages during our first module to help them gain confidence and generate the drive and energy to learn Tableau effectively. This is a very important step as the teams get to know about the functionality of the whole suite of tools. This helps them understand the purpose of using Tableau over other tools that they might already use. This is vital for teams with little or no experience.

We hunt for nuggets that help them to find their own particular “wow” factor through recurring talks in the coaching sessions, which culminate in their managers and leaders stating things like:

“…they have a sense of being supported, which gives them confidence. It’s just a matter of fitting in with the way they work and learn.” Ella was the Director of Information at an NHS Trust at the time.

“From a difficult product to a software product that can considerably enhance their reporting, the team’s perspective of Tableau has changed dramatically.” Kevin, is the Business Intelligence Director, also at an NHS Trust. 

“I am pretty optimistic that Tableau would become the tool for all my varied projects,” said Will, one of our participants, commenting early on in the Tableau training program.

I also urge that you devote some time to finding what makes people tick. To inspire each member of your team. To assist people in overcoming their hurdles and reawakening their enthusiasm. If you do, they’ll be moving initiatives ahead in your organisation that affect and increase the performance before you know it.

And obviously, if you don’t have the funds or time to generate a program that can do this yourself, contact us right away to schedule a discovery call to discuss your position and your strategy – here (




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