The Power of “WHY”, When Migrating Your Teams to Tableau.

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It’s easy to lose sight of the “why” when beginning a team’s transitional learning journey. Why am I going through this? What’s the point? Why is this tough learning process worthwhile? Maybe they’ll pick up on your or your coworkers’ passion or excitement, but don’t count on it.

If you want your team to begin the road of learning Tableau, then motivate them and then guide them gently through the main traps.

Furthermore, even if they’ve been using Tableau for a bit, they may have picked up some negative, time-consuming habits if they haven’t followed a structured learning method or worse. They may be unaware of Tableau’s capabilities, resulting in a solution that is either inefficient or high-maintenance, requiring a lot of pre-processing, duplication, and a customer experience that does not drive decisions, change, or improvement.

Start with building up your motivation to overcome the early difficulties. Your team will feel unmotivated if they can’t identify why they would need to deal with the discomfort or do not even receive assistance in overcoming some of the most common early roadblocks.

We transform teams from having a mixed knowledge of Tableau to being teams that have a common understanding of Tableau who can build their first dashboard during the very first step in our 9-step programme, “Tableau Training on Tap“.

In Tableau Training on Tap, you will be able to learn and understand the following concepts.

[1] Design: Your team will come across the basic concepts of Tableau and will know how to transform data. You will understand how to gather the requirements for your purpose.

[2] Develop: Understanding the ways of chart creation and combining data to analyse the information properly.

[3] Delivery: You will know how to build dashboards and empower stakeholders.

These are the five stages in that first step, called “Understand Tableau”, which will help you get started and overcome typical obstacles:

(1) An insight into what Tableau is capable of

(2) How to get your information into Tableau rapidly

(3) How to make basic charts

(4) How to carry out basic encoding and formatting

(5) How to Create a First Dashboard

Throughout our coaching sessions, we assess where clients are on their path and personalise it to their specific needs, including how to apply learning to their data, charts, and dashboards.

People who can already do their work with another tool, even if the results are not as good or can take a long time to create, are not driven to learn something new. Quite often, people, even within the same team, start from quite different places and need to understand different paradigm shifts when transitioning to Tableau.


However, typically, it is worthwhile to invest in each of your team members. Motivate, personalise your path and don’t just follow the default training programme. The above approach will help you evolve as a team on your own unique road which will help in the growth of your team. You will see a huge difference in their work when they are impassioned and fully understand why Tableau is so powerful.

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