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If you’re a dashboard developer using Tableau, you know that using the right tool for the job is key. 

Every dataset is different and requires a unique approach to analysis, insight creation, and data exploration.
You can’t create a training data set or set of instructions for every scenario.
You’d never finish.
At its core, learning Tableau is highly contextual. You’re more likely to remember and learn deeply when the skills and techniques you’re mastering are directly relevant to your work.
That’s why we strongly suggest your learning program is centred around your data & stakeholder requirements, and is fully embedded into a “learning on the job” approach.
It should include a combination of learning and development practices that drive mastery in Tableau best practices, including:
1. Context-Based Learning – Applied to your data and stakeholder requirements
2. Learning by Doing – Hands-on and real-life challenges
3. Community-Based Learning – Group discussions & experience sharing
4. PDCA – Plan-Do-Check-Act, tested on deliverables with stakeholders
However, don’t bore your delegates with theories of learning and development.
Instead, focus on helping them master Tableau through practical, engaging, and effective learning.
Tease them with the art of the possible to help motivate them through your shared journey. Help them overcome any barriers along the way, quickly and smoothly.
(NB There are always barriers, and sometime even the smallest thing will lead to a reversion to legacy products or “the old way” because time is always of the essence.)
Don’t get overwhelmed by the multitude of learning options out there. Put your trust in your ambition to have a world class and Tableau learning program. Start and just look to improve it.
Just like you did after you passed your driving test.
Just like you’d tell everyone of your colleagues that needs to learn Tableau.
Or, as Michael Masterson said, “Ready, Fire, Aim!”3. 

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