My Favorite Tableau Trick For Work: MIN(1)By Dan Montgomery

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Many of us found +Tableau Software from the work that we do in our day jobs, and have since taken our passions to our free time. When given the ability to build visualizations we’re passionate about, people come up with creative solutions like Anya A’Hearn’s Stairs Of The City, KK Molugu’s Playoff Quarterback Touchdowns, Russell Spangler’s Bacon Viz (and WAY too many more to mention). HOWEVER… In our day jobs, there is much less room to be creative and more of a need to be direct. As a result, designs usually involve displaying more numbers than visualizations. And while there are best practices by Nelson Davis about when to use numbers and when to use visuals, numbers end up more often than us ‘creative types’ would prefer. FEAR NOT… You can still let loose your creative side even when displaying numbers.

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